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Thread subject: Tim's observation board posting
Name Date Message
Pam 04/11/04 01:09 pm Thankyou for your posting of the link to the Carman River area. As a UK resident I had no idea what the area where the osprey nest is located is like. Through your link I found others and have now printed out a page of photos of the area, including two aerial views. It looks very unspoiled and full of history. I love the clapboard churches and the old wooden houses. Pity about the new mountain made from NY garbage but I guess it has to go somewhere ! Since I discovered the Dennis Puleston website I am completely hooked and have the nest on in the corner of my screen nearly always.
Matt 04/11/04 02:12 pm Pam, what site gave you the arieal views? I'm curious as to see what they look like too. Long Island is full of history that gets lost quite fast due to developers who just want to tear down trees and put up stores. Many people I meet don't even know that Charles Lindbergh took off from Long Island when he flew over the Atlantic. Unfortuantely, there is a shopping mall there now.
Fred W. 04/11/04 02:12 pm Yes, very interesting, Tim. I like 'the old stuff' and turn-of-the-19th-century human and wildlife history. Fascinating links and pictures. One wonders, though, how much wildlife was "shot-up" or "shot-off" from those abundant times 'Out East' on Long Island, considering this lease excerpt "...for gunning privileges only of every kind and description..."
However,'That was the way it was back then...'
Matt 04/11/04 02:17 pm Fred, I like historic pictures of places and wildlife too. I never knew there were gray wolves on Long Island until very recently. The last one was shot in early 1980's. Red squirrels used to be abundant here too. Now I rarely see them.
Tim 04/11/04 07:49 pm I'm a life long resident of this area, I've never seen a red squirrel in this area"would like to though".This river does host other small mammals. Several species of mice and bats.
Moles,shrews,cottontail rabbits,racoons,
muskrat,opossum are common. Lately very few woodchuck,fox and weasel and whitetail deer are seen.It's been 20 years since I've seen signs of weasel. Maybe the owner of the chickens that are audible from the nest can confirm the presence of weasel.
A canoe is a great way to enjoy this river.I plan a trip soon.

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