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Thread subject: West coast (USA) osprey sitings
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/13/04 06:13 am Just noticed this little thread on the Kent, Washington eaglecam message board:

I tend to forget that other ospreys besides ours, exist (except of course, for Tiger's British ospreys!)...;-) Aren't we still the luckiest, though?!
Tiger 07/13/04 06:48 am There are ospreys in Norway, Sweden and Finland too. Also quite a few other places.

Although up to now I have no real information about the Scandanavian birds beyond the few that ocassionaly turn up in Britain.

Ospreys came back to France in 1984 and are now thriving. There are about 10 to 15 nests in the Orlean forests sout of Paris.

What is so great is our ability to talk about them now!

Marie 07/13/04 10:34 am I hope some of those Scandanavian birds mix with the BRITS for there is nothing like spreeding those GENES around. Stronger and perhaps wiser birds will be produced for the weather in Sweden is a bit colder than in Britain , isn't it?I have no idea really.
Tiger 07/13/04 12:50 pm Oh the British birds are of Scandanavian origin. After all they come from a pair that started to nest in Scotland from 1954 onward.

Ocasionally we do get a Scandavian bird come and stay. Indeed there was a Scottish chick from a nest which had a Norwegian parent that was satellite tracked in 2002. That turned out to be a gripping story.

There is a lot of interest in which way birds head of on their migration. The direction that is taken can have a huge effect on the success of the migration.

I guess migration is the next topic up for discussion.

Yes Sweden is definitely colder than Britain in winter. However in the summer it has long long days so the osprey has lots of fishing time.

Tiger 07/13/04 05:41 pm Marie you must be psychic! News of another tranlocation starting today!

This time to get ospreys back to Spain.
Marie 07/14/04 01:25 am ooooooooh Thanks for keeping us all in the 'LOOP' of things at home and abroad, TIGER. Found this info' so fascinating. BBC posting certainly had lots of stories on those Ospreys in Scotland. These birds are truly SPECIAL and have achieved such notoriety. What was really interesting was the quote 'that finding F O U R eggs in an Ospreys's nest was a RARE phenomenon' and that in Loch Garten only four eggs had been found on nine or so occassions during the past 50 yrs.!!!! Imagine that!
So considering Betty and Dennis delighted everyone with four eggs 2004 and 2003 it makes OUR FAMILY very unique. Way to go Betty and Dennis.
Tiger 07/14/04 03:25 am I think that story about the four eggs must have come from the incident at Loch Garten back in April. A very aggressive female bombed the nest regularly. Then around the 18 April an egg was seen to be broken.

Now remarkably EJ (the female osprey) went on to lay 3 eggs. The question is whether she laid four eggs or did the intruding osprey actually deposit an egg?

There is a photo somewhere (and I cannot locate it :( ) which shows a family of four osprey fledglings. That was said to be very rare.

As we have seen it is really down to the supply of fish.

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Tom Throwe
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