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Thread subject: Expensive Tastes!
Name Date Message
Melanie 07/13/04 10:12 am After watching all the koy that have been disappearing from Brookhaven ponds, I figure these guys have eaten collectively at least a couple thousand dollars worth of someone's hobby - when koy get as large as the last couple that been brought back to the nest this past week, they are sold for several hundred a piece. (at least down here in MD). Yikes!
Cecilia 07/13/04 10:28 am And this one was a beauty :-) In one of the books I read the author mentioned that some people stocked their ponds just for the joy of watching birds fish...but then he went on to say that he couldn't count the number of times that he heard of some osprey that got shot for raiding a pond or fish hatchery :-( I always worry when I see Dennis come in with these fancy he just lucky or has he found a benefactor?
Marie 07/13/04 10:36 am YIKES...I hope Dennis has found a benefactor.
Mickey 07/13/04 03:01 pm After looking at the birds that were being banded from Tigers url`s these birds are bigger then they appear through this web cam. Dont you think? So can we then assume that the fish are bigger then they appear too? What do you think todays Koy weighed? It looked like a 3-5 pounder to me.Big and fat :) Do a search on google for Koy.Fish in this range are in the $300-$500 range :) They are eating better then us !
Cecilia 07/13/04 04:10 pm I guess 3 lbs at least...that fish was the fat!
And if I understand the posts that were made following its' sounds like one bird ate the whole thing. Wow!
Mickey 07/13/04 04:43 pm It ate what Id estimate to be about 2/3`s of it. Peace had had enough when Betty approached slowly and took it and then fly away with it Cec.
Matt 07/13/04 08:50 pm Hey, at least you can't blame Dennis for being cheap. He has been treating the family to fine expensive dining. :)
Marie 07/14/04 12:45 am Hey that's cute Matt. Who wants fish and chips when Dennis is offering 'FINE DINING' I bet these Ospreys could teach us a thing or two about Fishing.
Melanie 07/14/04 04:42 pm Kind of gives a new meaning to champagne wishes and caviar dreams, doesn't it?

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