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Thread subject: Bad hair alert!!!! or "Holy Hurricane, Batman!".....
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/13/04 04:27 pm I now understand how the term *ruffled feathers* came into existence....I'm getting seasick, just listening to the cam, let alone watching it!

I have a little challenge of my own to throw out. I won't be insulted if you choose to nix it, language games are just a little quirk of mine and this may not be a board that wants to engage in this. But for what it's worth, does anyone want to see how many phrases or expression we can come up with that have become ingrained in and part of, the English language, that have to do with birds?
For example,

- Ruffled feathers
- Birds of a feather

Anyone else???
Melanie 07/13/04 04:29 pm Pecking order
Dorothy 07/13/04 05:00 pm Hen-pecked; goose is cooked; eagle-eye; bird-brain (I know kind of unflattering!).
Lam 07/13/04 05:31 pm Feather brained, pigeon toed, robin's egg blue, crow's feet, raven haired beauty, sing like a canary, early bird gets the worm, stool pigeon.
Shelley 07/13/04 05:31 pm Thanks, gals!

Silly goose
Stella 07/13/04 06:24 pm how about, Toss them the bird
didnt hear a peep
mad as a wet hen
it's just ducky
yard bird
Pam 07/13/04 06:28 pm Up with the lark: On a wing and a prayer.
Pam 07/13/04 06:30 pm In England at any rate "to get your gander up" means to get really riled up.
Pam 07/13/04 06:33 pm Eagle-eyed. Oh dear you've really got me at it now Shelley :)
Pam 07/13/04 06:34 pm Playing chicken......
Pam 07/13/04 06:37 pm Keep your pecker up - NO REALLY !!! in England it means keep cheerful !!!
Pam 07/13/04 06:48 pm Dead as a Dodo - I REALLY wish you hadn't started this Shelley ....
Marie 07/13/04 07:03 pm Flying high.
What a HOOT!
Pure as a Dove.
Peace Dove.
Just a few more, but it is getting harder for all the familiar ones are spoken for already!!!
Pam...I loved your 'Keep your Pecker up.!!! I know exactly what that means in English terms but it sure means something else here. Cover your eyes all you Fellows out there. Here are two more.
Stooped like a falcon.
Dumb as CHICKEN.
Got to give this some more thought Shelley, however time to head out to the Eagles in a few minutes.
Mary 07/13/04 07:11 pm Pretty as a peacock
Wise as an owl
Lucky duck
Who gives a hoot?
Mary 07/13/04 07:14 pm How about turkey
Marie 07/13/04 08:25 pm Ducks in a row.
as the Crow flies.
Thin as a RAIL.( there is a bird called a Rail)
Talk Turkey.
run like a Road-runner.
Ostrich with its head in the sand.
Cecilia 07/13/04 08:49 pm Oh really have us going now :-)
Here are mine:

Chicken out,
Early bird gets the worm,
Free as a bird,
Proud as a peacock,
Bald as an eagle,
Graceful as a swan,
Blind as a bat, (well, now don't get technical)
Silly as a goose,
Eats like a bird,
A bird in hand is worth two in a bush,
and my least favorite,
Kill two birds with one stone

Shelley 07/13/04 09:13 pm Bird's-eye view
Taking you under my wing
Mother hen (I often use this one about myself;-)
Crazy as a loon
Night owl
Duck's Ass (wasn't that a hair style back in the 5-'s?)
To talk turkey
RonS 07/13/04 09:17 pm Yellow-bellied chicken = total coward
Cecilia 07/13/04 09:27 pm's the last from me :-)

Don't count your chickens before they hatch,
Free as a bird,
It's chicken feed,
Like a duck out of water,
Naked as a jaybird,
No spring chicken,

And, this sweet thought to send you all off to dreemland:

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. ~ Chinese Proverb
Cecilia 07/13/04 09:28 pm DREAMLAND! :-)
Dorothy 07/13/04 10:08 pm wow, these are great!
Tay 07/14/04 12:28 am Whats good for the goose is good for the gander I guess that one would count? lol!!
Marie 07/14/04 12:42 am Eat Crow.
Can't think, too tired........I must know many more being a BIRDER.....
Will try again later.
Thanks for the brain teaser Shelley
Shelley 07/14/04 06:52 am - Let it roll off your back like water off a duck (my mom used to tell me this!)

- jailbird
- scareCROW
- bird on a wing
- bird brain
-strut like a peacock
- to *crow* about something (to brag)
- that's *chickenfeed*

Shelley 07/14/04 11:53 am -(with a little help from WC Fields): "My little Chickadee!"

-light as a feather
-soft as down
Marie 07/14/04 07:04 pm Well, you got the prize Miss Shelley...Isn't the English Language full of wonderful Bird sayings. What would we do if mankind manages to destroy all their habitat and we no longer had birds. Language would have to change. I don't believe there are as many references to animals in Language as there are associated with BIRDS. Correct me if I am wrong. I am biased you know!
Shelley 07/14/04 07:33 pm Well, if that happened, I suppose we'd have to "tar and *feather* them.... (sorry, couldn't resist)

-wild goose chase
- um, how about the *empty nest syndrome* :-(
- to *feather* your nest

Marie, in fact, there are probably waaaay more animal references in English, than bird ones. I used to co-host a Wildlife Watching message board and we used to play these kinds of language games all the time. I have quite the *archive* of such fun stuff. I agree, our language is so rich and interesting.
Ellen 07/18/04 10:49 am And dont forgetthe ever popular:

"Birds of a feather, flock together"

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