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Thread subject: Size Does Matter.
Name Date Message
Tim 07/13/04 08:01 pm That was the tagline for the 1998 Godzilla movie.
I see that it comes true in the Osprey nest as CZ remains to be the last bird to fledge.
When I refered to her one day as Chickzilla it was purley for her attitude. But as size sometimes has it's advantages, here it seems to holding this bird back from flying.
Do you agree that this bird is too heavy?

PS. The movie wasn't so good.
Marie 07/13/04 08:15 pm YES for sure she is too heavy.......and a late bloomer. All she wants to do is EAT......
Matt 07/13/04 08:48 pm Tim, I agree that CZ is too heavy. In a way she helped Peace and Spirit fledge. She kept pecking at them and she got most of the food. However, this gave Spirit a chance to do something that she shouldn't have been doing at such a young age. She would circle around Betty and try to grab from the fish's tail. She wasn't very successful as she didn't have the strength really to do it, but you could see she was different. She was doing this way before the young were taught to tear it off themselves. She figured it out. Spirit also seemed to be more inclined to practice flapping more than the other two. It seemed that Spirit knew that he/she had to learn to fly to survive. Peace followed soon after.

Never underestimate the smaller ones.
Mickey 07/13/04 08:57 pm I couldnt agree more Tim. And to think you named her perfectly too. I recall there being a discussion on the msg board if #3 would survive because it wasnt fighting for its rights in the nest. Never underestimate the hunger to live folks. It can make you soar like a lightweight Osprey chick :) For the record Peace fledged a full 7 days after Spirit :)
Tiger 07/13/04 09:01 pm I was about to start a thread like this basically asking if anyone felt sorry for Cz?? But having watched her activities over the weeks maybe that is a silly question :)

However this is a long game not a short game. When these birds fly south it will be very important to be fat. A migration takes a lot of energy.

So when Cz does manage to fledge it will have an advantage again.

What was the Shakespeare quote from Julius Ceasar?..."Let have men about me that are fat....that Cassius has a mean and hungry look....

Cz and hunger are not two words I associate :)

Celeste 07/14/04 05:33 am I too have been wondering about CZ a lot. Does her weight help or hinder? I agree with Tiger in the long run that CZ will have the strength to contribute to a successful migration, particularly as we know the mortality rates of a chicks first year are high; on the other hand, she is about 6 days overdue to fledge also and "that" worries me also. I would love to have some input from an "authority" on fledging osprey about these thoughts of ours. I recall though, that there are some nests where there is a second brood, (when for whatever reason the first eggs were destroyed), and if early enough in the season, there are successful fledges and migrations. As Tiger has said, this cam has certainly raised questions or even has "changed" some previous thoughts about osprey.
Shelley 07/14/04 05:57 am I, like all of you, have worried a bit over this as well. Has there ever been any documentation of whether a chick that has hatched healthy has simply not fledged at all? Eaten itself to death? It sounds so odd. She certainly doesn't seem to be, shall we say, mentally challenged. I just wonder how unusual this actually is
Tiger 07/14/04 06:08 am Oh I think all of these observations are changing our knowledge. It was not long ago that I was reading that the legendary osprey "Ollie" was unique in that he had fed the chicks himself (single father). Yet in recent weeks I have read about at least two more male ospreys doing this.

Has Dennis ever done this??

Cecilia 07/14/04 09:11 am Tiger, I think we have seen Dennis feed a few mouthfuls here and there, but not a sustained meal. The behavior that we didn't see last year was Betty bringing fish into the nest, I can't remember that happening.

Since Tim began this thread it is starting to look like CZ may have fledged so maybe we can stop worrying...but I won't believe it until I see turn on the cam and see the nest empty :-)
Marie 07/14/04 09:14 am I have never seen Dennis attempt to feed his chicks but then I am not here all the TIME...believe me!
For migration FAT is the ingredient that makes it a successful trip south. Many shorebirds have to feed up so much before and during their migration route that they put on 50% or more of their original weight.

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