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Thread subject: Dave Help AGAIN!
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/14/04 05:56 am This morning I was not able to get to the cam as early as I normally do......when you get a chance I want to know whether or not Chick 1 actually fledged earlier this morning FINALLY! Right now I am thinking that this chick did indeed fledge either late yesterday, or very early this morning. My observations this morning started at around 5:30am. I hope I am not "sending" you on a "wild goose chase!" Oh by the way, you can call me "Celeste the Pest"!
Dave S 07/14/04 03:34 pm Hi Celeste,

Bear with me, this is going to take a while, there is a lot of video to review and I am a little short on time today!
Celeste 07/14/04 03:55 pm Thank you Dave. I realize it is a big job and it is much appreciated as always.
Dave S 07/14/04 05:02 pm After reviewing the archived video from 4:57 AM through 6:28 AM it seems that the bird flying in and out of the nest was the young male chick. There are several moments when I can get a clear look at it's white breast. I will continue reviewing, but at no time does the other chick leave the nest. I am still looking to see where she does fly out.
Celeste 07/14/04 05:22 pm Well it is quite possible that Chick 1 flew the night before in which case I am sure it will be very time consuming to find...(and I know you are busy with other things I am sure Dave)....we have agreed however that several times today the nest has been empty, so we do know that all 3 chicks have fledged. Interesting though, that Chick 1 was practicing and we never knew it. Thanks again, Dave.
Dave S 07/14/04 06:31 pm Celeste,

You have been watching the birds more than I have, so I will ask a few behavior questions to see if we agree. I have seen the chicks do intense practice leading up to fledging, but once they are out, they seem to do little if any. I watched the female chick closely today and it seems that once she got it right, she preferred to fly off rather than hop about. What do you think? If I am right, then she fledged sometime around mid-day. I can try to put together a clip from your early obs and then when she actually lifts off. I'll make a special one that is longer than the others.
Celeste 07/14/04 08:31 pm Yes I agree, Chick 1 as far as I could observe did little in the "practice" dept. The only hint that I had that she had already flown, was the fact that when I started observing this morning a chick flew in and landed on the big branch and our experience with this particular chick is that she continually favors that big branch. Her markings after this chick flew in appeared to me to be Chick 1 and then Tiger happened to be observing right after my post and he seemed to feel it was Chick 1 also. However, I agree as you said, there was no intense practicing leading up to the actual fledge, and that's when I somehow thought perhaps I missed an earlier practice session or a mini-fledge, whether it was much earlier am or late last night. However, I doubt whether an attempt would be made at night, unless it was an "accidental" fledge. So, in case what I have written is confusing... l. yes, I agree that she preferred to fly rather than hop about when she "figured it out".

2. and since you can really go through the day, you will probably see something I did not, hence, perhaps she did actually fledge sometime around mid-day, and what we saw was this chick flying out of camera range back to the nest. I guess the question is, was the Chick that flew in and landed on the branch at my 5:39 observation Chick 1? I thought it was. And was that again Chick 1 that Tiger felt was Chick 1 also at his 6:20 ob right after my ob? Both times the chick was on the big branch. If that is the case, than what we saw were out of camera range practice flights, and what you see is the actual "full" fledge mid-day. Hope this is not too confusing, and I can only imagine how tedious this is for you, and once again, I thank you for being our "guidance" this season as you were to us last year! In the end, the important thing is all 3 chicks have fledged, and this has been a wonderful season, a perfect nest, decent weather, a great updated user friendly website, etc. Thank you once again Dave and all of you at DPOF who have worked so hard on this wonderful site!
Shelley 07/14/04 08:57 pm I couldn't agree more! A huge THANK YOU to you all at DPOF!
Dave S 07/15/04 06:52 am I saw the second chick fly in and land on the branch. The two birds in the nest never switched places the entire time the second chick was in the nest, and I got a good look at the bird's breast. I am quite sure it was the young male who was on the branch. I will be working on the clips today.
Celeste 07/16/04 05:07 am Thanks Dave.

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