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Thread subject: David Gessner to speak at the East Hampton Nature Conservancy
Name Date Message
Rick M 07/14/04 08:20 pm The following is from David Gessner, in case anyone is interested:

Hi All,

My name is David Gessner and I am an avid follower of (though infrequent
contributor to) this group. This friday I will be making the trip to Long
Island to speak at the Nature Conservancy center in East Hampton (5 pm.)
The talk will straddle the topics of my last book, Return of the Osprey, and
my current book, Sick of Nature. I'll start with slides of my local Cape
Cod ospreys but will move on to ways that I can see so-called nature writing
becoming a happier, more wide-open genre. Hope you can join me.

Thanks, David Gessner
Shelley 07/14/04 08:25 pm Thanks, Rick. Oh, how I wish I could go!!!! If any of you here do get to go, we will look very forward to hearing all about it!!
Celeste 07/14/04 08:40 pm If you see this Mr. Gessner I can't tell you how much I and others who have discovered your book love it. I read it and reread it all the time. How wonderful to know that you have been observing this wonderful site in the "background"! Whenever I am observing this cam, I think of your writings of what you saw and "imagine" it and apply it to our site. Since I will be in East Hampton on Thursday only, I am extremely frustrated that I will be missing your talk! Welcome to Long Island!

Thanks Rick too!
Marie 07/14/04 08:44 pm that's an offer, NO ONE CAN REFUSE...Wish I was there to take in this lecture and learn all that one man has scientifically researched and compiled into a fabulous book. (my copy hasn't come in yet so haven't read it.) Hopefully soon. Just echoing all the wonderful comments from those who have read this BOOK. Now all you Long Islanders... you must try to find the time to get out to see and hear David. We look forward to a recap and a sharing of the info.
Mickey 07/14/04 08:48 pm Someone needs to tell him that 5pm on a Friday night in July in East Hampton just isint a wise booking time slot.(unless you live in East Hampton) Everyone goes East on Fridays and traffic is like a death march :(
RonS 07/14/04 10:23 pm Re: Mickey's post about a summer Friday in the hamptons;
If you haven't left by the time I have posted this, you ain't gonna make it!!!;~O
Cecilia 07/15/04 12:07 am Wow!!!! I'm going to be there! We're leaving for East Hampton Thursday night so the timing is perfect. Come on the rest of you Long Islanders...if you leave at 2:00 you'll make it with no problem :-) have to come too! And Kathy, you aren't that far away...and Mickey, you drive all over the east coast for Springsteen...don't let a little traffic hold you back! And Ron, Grace, Ellen, Nancy,Barbara,Lori, and Tom're all close enough to go! Do it!!! Get in those cars and head east! I'll post the address of the Nature conservancy building when I call them tomorrow to find out where it is. Dave says East Hampton but I thought the Nature Conservancy had moved their east end office to Bridge Hampton...
Marie 07/15/04 02:10 am Cecelia...I like your SPIRIT!
Perhaps you can get the rest of your friends here on this thread to go along too.

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