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Thread subject: Bird-watching groups
Name Date Message
Pam 07/15/04 06:57 am It is so interesting to read all your messages about birds in general (not just our ospreys). I wondered if any of you belong to internet (Yahoo ??) bird watching groups. I belong to Whale Watchers (Yahoo) which came about as an offshoot of watching Orca-Live. In the winter we keep our connections with friends made on the OL site and we have a facility for posting our own photographs of whales and wildlife in general. It would be really nice to keep in touch with people on this website and to also post photos of birds we observe during the winter, news items and links to other sites. This would help to pass the time with like-minded folk until we all meet up on this wonderful website hopefully next year. If there isn't such a group and enough folk think it a good idea, would anyone be interested in starting one? Someone with a bit of web expertise and some spare time on their hands? Could I also whilst I am writing this screed !! remind people of the Race Rocks website which is active year-round and is wonderful for zooming in to look at birds (and there are lots of them). Just trying to get you over the withdrawal symptoms stage which is already becoming very apparent !!!!
Shelley 07/15/04 07:31 am Great idea, Pam. Could you post the link for RaceRocks, again, please?
Tiger 07/15/04 07:44 am Pam I can start a group in an instant. I already run a number of groups on various subjects!

Celeste 07/15/04 08:22 am I would love it also.....we still will have this message board I am sure for the year. The DPOF kept it opened all last year, and many of us posted. DPOF, will you be keeping this site open through the winter again?
Marie 07/15/04 09:17 am Me too, I would love to keep in touch. If DPOF don't keep this going perhaps TIGER you will CREATE a special place for us to go to. Now with all this great info on these wonderful birds and a few good pictures of my own of the Opsreys around the Victoria area, I will NOW have to settle down and try to write an article for our Victoria Natural History Magazine.
Tiger 07/15/04 09:22 am Yes Marie. Will do.
Pam 07/15/04 10:18 am Tiger, that is wonderful, we will all really enjoy our own special group. Please let us know when it is up and running. On the WW site we have a Pic of the Day folder and a Pic of the Week competition Folder. Each week a winning pic is chosen and put on the front page of the site and the winner chooses next weeks winner. We also have separate photo folders for individual members if they want them. I'm sure you will have lots of other ideas to keep up the interest during those long winter months.
Meanwhile Shelley - the URL you requested is (go to Remote 2 for best pics) and the whale watching, two cams, surface and underwater is: Open the cams top right. Enjoy ! Incidentally you can watch our osprey cam on the front page whilst watching a floating Realplayer screen of OL at the same time - some folks are just plain greedy !
Pam 07/15/04 10:27 am Shelley, sorry I just tried that link to OL above and it didn't work - this one does:
Shelley 07/15/04 11:59 am Thank you, Pam!
Tiger 07/15/04 06:07 pm Hi Pam. Already up.
Shelley 07/15/04 07:49 pm Hi Tiger. I just had a peek and I wonder about the format, am I understanding correctly that we won't be able to see all posts to a given thread, like we do here:

"this board is customized for you, and read messages will not be displayed every time you enter. These messages are still accessible through the find buttons or the links on the left"

Or have I misread and misunderstood what that means (entirely possible)? I am sometimes slow to adapt to new things, changes, etc to what I'm used to, especially when it comes to computers. I'm certainly willing to try but I will likely be pestering you with alot of questions...;-)

By the way, one little trick I HAVE learned is, if you have a pop-up stopper enabled on your computer, you may have to hold down the CONTROL key when you click to enter a new window, such as your new forum.

Also, will your forum be different in any ways from this one? I wonder because if this forum remains active throughout the winter to gather and chat, perhaps yours can be customized to feature things that aren't available here, such as photos, or whatever else people think of. Just some random thoughts from a non-computer-savvy person, pretending to be *with it*..... :-P
Tiger 07/15/04 08:00 pm The board is very much more sophisticated than this one. Each time a thread receives a new post it is promoted to the top.

Thus discussions can always be kept active.

You can see 20 posts at a time.

One can post pictures but that that depends on grade of membership.

Marie 07/15/04 08:34 pm Thank you Tiger. I have registered but it looks very COMPLEX. Never can navigate to the right spot when there are so many places to go. This system is so simple here and so is my Brain most of the time... :-)) I am not a complex person at all. It took me a while to know where to click for this message board at DPOF... LOL. So glad I found it.!!!
Tiger 07/15/04 08:58 pm Do not worry Marie it is simple in the long term. Just a little persistance!

Pam 07/16/04 08:11 am Many thanks for your efforts Tiger. I had a quick glance this morning but not enough time to do much else till later. Seems a lot of advertising is my first impression ! Will it mean more spam when we register? I will have to adopt a new email addy before I sign up and will do this over the weekend hopefully (busy one coming up).
Tiger 07/16/04 08:23 am Pam it is a very good idea to use a new e-mail address.

No I do not get a lot of spam. Do not know about the ads as I normally do not see them!

Celeste 07/16/04 09:30 am I agree with Marie. First thank you Tiger for your ideas and willingness to help! However, I found that last year most of us who were "eager" observers, automatically checked on the DPOF message board from time to time through the fall and winter, and we were ever so grateful to the DPOF that they kept the format open. It was always fun to "meet" on familiar ground; we could watch the archived videos, chat, etc. It was a priviledge that we greatly appreciated. Also, from time to time the DPOF would leave us messages, particularly when the cam was first turned on and the osprey returned in the Spring. Some of us baby boomers, like to stick with the "familiar" and "comfortable" route! However, as Marie suggested, the new board could be used for those who are able to post photos, and refer on the DPOF message board what is going on from to time on the "new board".

There is other news as well on the Home page of the goings on with this site also. I would check their updated "news bulletin" etc. I must admit, I am somewhat "burnt" out from learning new programs at work, tackling learning all the things one has to learn with new DVD's, cameras, VCR's, and I am somewhat challenged computer wise also. I learn what I have to, as I find my two wonderful sons are VERY BUSY, and my husband although has many talents, computers or programming various things around the house are not his "thing"! I seem to be the "elected official"! Anyways, these are my thoughts, and once again, though, thank you for your willingness to help. I hope that all of us will be able to continue our chatting through the year, "till we meet again" in the Spring of '05. Once again DPOF, we are all so thankful for the many opportunities this website, which you have all worked so hard to create, has given us!
Marie 07/17/04 02:07 am Thank you , thank you DPOF for a wonderful experince. This site is an incredible gift to all of us that want to watch 'NATURE'. If only I had a million dollars. I would certainly send a sizable gift to have more than one camera up and running to capture some of the views we can't see beyound the nest. My heartfelt THANKS go out to all you 'BOYS' that kept the techno' running.

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