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Thread subject: Last time babies ate?
Name Date Message
Pam 07/15/04 11:04 am I've been watching since day one, but have never written in, however, does anyone know the last time they ate? It seems like a really long time has gone by, and now I'm worried about them.
Mickey 07/15/04 11:44 am Hi Pam.It looks like yesterday at 4:14pm and 5:14pm. It doesnt look like every chick ate either. Theres no need to worry though. The parents are now in their with holding food stage to the chicks. Very soon or maybe even now they are being taught to fish. Just think of it as another lesson in their lives. They sure do make alot of noise when all 3 get going huh?
Pam 1 07/15/04 11:44 am Hi Pam - perhaps we had better have Pam 1 and Pam 2 :) Don't worry about food - the parents tend to withhold the food a bit at this stage to encourage the youngsters to be independent. From what I can gather there was lots of food yesterday. We really rely on folk posting obs. when food is brought in and if nobody happens to be watching for an hour or so, it could be missed.
Pam 2 07/15/04 11:46 am Thanks all. I understand....It's just that, along with everyone else, I've become so attached to them that I just want them to be healthy, happy, and well fed!
RonS 07/15/04 12:58 pm Hi, Pam 2,
Another cosideration is that the chicks may not return to the nest for each meal. They will learn to eat in the trees and probably try to grab a free meal at other nest(s) in the area. Hmmmm, where CZ is concerned, I wonder if that probably is needed? :~]
Celeste 07/16/04 05:04 am It has been said that the male will fly by the nest holding a fish and dropping it in the water for the chicks to retrieve. Though as we have learned hatched chicks instinctively know how to fish. From some of my research, the female will leave the nest and migrate first, sometime in late August, the male will stay behind a bit longer but leave in early September. The chicks are the last to migrate. I remember once reading about an osprey nest that is located on the North Fork of Long Island, next to a motel, (Sands Motel). They televised the nest in the lobby of their motel for their guests. The owners mentioned that it seems that the chicks are "lost" for a while when both parents have left, and then one day it clicks what they have to do and they leave also!
Shelley 07/16/04 06:12 am That is amazing!! Maybe Cecilia could ask about this tonight if David Gessner has a Q&A session after his lecture.

Hmmm, maybe we should put our thinking caps on and come up with a (short) list of questions for Cec to take with her....

(you can take the teacher out of the classroom, but I guess you can't take the classroom out of the teacher.....;-)
Celeste 07/16/04 06:15 am Too late Shelley, she went to the Hamptons late yesterday. I am sure she will come back with lots of things to tell us though....if not....hmmmm!

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