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Thread subject: So Close, Yet So Far Away!!!!
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/15/04 09:54 pm Today I was in East Hampton visiting a friend who is fortunate to have a "summer home" on an inlet with an osprey nest. The reason I felt so close, yet far away, because I was in East Hampton on a Thursday and not tomorrow for David Gessner. However, my husband is adamant about not being part of the madness driving to the Hamptons on a Friday! For a Thursday, there was plenty of traffic anyways! My friend has an osprey platform nest practically in her backyard, and I spent a while watching. First of all it IS hard at this point figuring out who is the chick and who is the parent, they are so close in size. I also noted that they were flying and gliding above the nest; I got the feeling they were actually flying for the "joy" of it! At times all the osprey of the nest would fly and glide together, or one osprey would just remain on the perch of the platform calling out. It was interesting to see what goes on "outside" of the cam. Yet, as we are realizing this time of the season, there were times I would look at the nest and it was empty, and the osprey were not anywhere that I could see them in the vicinity of the nest either.

On the way home, many of us Long Islanders are aware of a nest right on Sunrise Highway in Oakdale. I guess whenever I saw this nest it was early in the morning, however, I was coming home in rush hour, there was bumper to bumper traffoc going east where this nest is adjacent to the highway. All this noise and confusion, and there were 4 osprey sitting upright in the nest oblivious to the madness below. My only conclusion as to why this platform was placed in such a busy section is that perhaps years ago there was a dead tree there that was always occupied by osprey and was replaced with this platform.

As we drove home I would look up in the sky and see the familiar "m" of an osprey wingspan in the sky near Werthheim and Connetquot Park, two parks out on the highway going towards the Hamptons.

So, even though we are all depending on Cecilia to tell us about David Gessner, I still enjoyed my osprey day.
Jamie 07/15/04 10:20 pm Celeste-how lucky you are to have had such a day! I am reading it in awe and wished I was with you :-) Glad you enjoyed!! I, too, was wondering why on earth an osprey platform would be placed at such a busy location and your idea sounds good to me...probably was an old tree and the next best thing to do was erect a platform...glad it doesn't seem to bother them...
Marie 07/15/04 11:37 pm Wonderful Celeste. Isn't it a marvelous feeling to be so connected to Nature and share your encounters with like minded souls! Wanted to share the fact that not all ospreys take to an artificial platform when erected. A pair in the DND property here in Victoria decided that a Hydo-electric pole was a better alternative to the pole that the EXPERTS suggested to try for this years breeding season. It was placed in a field quite close to the row of hydro poles. The pair had already lost a chick last year. Mishap on those LIVE-WIRES. Even though the old nest was moved intact to the new artificial platform the pair of Ospreys went back to the Hydro pole again this year and started a new nest! Dahhhhhhhhh!
Shelley 07/16/04 06:02 am Thanks for the view from the *other side*, Celeste!

I also have a guess that maybe if ospreys are born with such noise and bustle all around them and it's all they ever know, then that is what they are used to and maybe that's also part of why it doesn't bother them in the way we might have thought. It becomes part of their *natural* environment (kind of a scary thought, actually...) Just a thought....
Celeste 07/16/04 06:04 am You are right Shelley. One of the things that Poole writes is how "adaptable" the osprey has become to the environment they live in, and he too laments that also. He even mentions that although the artificial platforms "help" the osprey, on the other hand, it is "sad" that the osprey has had to "adjust" to a platform, rather than a natural tree or a site where the osprey would choose on its own.

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