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Thread subject: New Video Clip
Name Date Message
Dave S 07/16/04 09:12 am There is a new clip from July 14 that features what at first appears to be an intruder attacking the nest. I have reviewed it many times and can say that it is an adult Osprey, but what it is doing is not so clear. Read my note prior to watching the clip, I'm curious what you all think. It's 15 minutes long and is VERY noisy!
Marie 07/16/04 09:29 am Thanks Dave...I will have to view later. WORK calleth and I don't want to go. Much rather stay here to observe. This site has become a part of my LIFE as you can see ;-))
Celeste 07/16/04 09:52 am Here are my thoughts, and by the way, thanks Dave, cause I missed the whole thing the other day!!!

I do think it was a hostile intruder also. I also think at the beginning of this intrusion, the parents were out and about, the chicks were in a state of panic not lying submissively because there was no signal from a parent to do so. Only one chick would lie down, but then would stand as the intruder would sweep close to their heads along with the other chicks. Towards the end of the clip, when a parent flew to the perch,(Betty), the chicks finally took on a submissive posture when her particular chirp signaled them. In the distance I believe it was Dennis chirping protecting his territory also. The chicks became calmer and all three were huddled together until finally all became peaceful. Will be interesting to see what the other observers take on this is too!!!

Thank you!
Melanie 07/16/04 03:01 pm Celeste, that was pretty much the impression that I had while I was watching it unfold. I know an idea had been put out that it was Dennis with a very small fish, but if you watch closely, those are empty talons that you see.

As to motive, who knows? Unless it was because the neighbors decided those kids were just making too much noise.
Matt 07/16/04 06:28 pm Does anyone remember from last year so many intrusions? I think there were a few but it seems that there are a lot more this year.

Any opinions from those who watched last year?
Matt 07/16/04 06:43 pm I just finished watching and looks like CZ got hit a few times with the talons.

Another thought came to mind. Could it be one of the parents teaching how to defend the nest if it is attacked? Or giving them a crash course on what might happen?
cathy 07/16/04 08:04 pm I think it was a real attack - I don't think birds are able to be abstract and create situations just for teaching purposes. Otherwise we might see a white board in the nest with a picture of nest, picture of water with fish, and osprey diving talons first at the fish. We would see a row of three feathered students taking notes.
cathy 07/16/04 08:12 pm
Tay 07/16/04 08:26 pm It looked like an attack to me. At the beginning it looked like it was trying to grab one of the chicks with its talons to me?
Tiger 07/16/04 08:52 pm


Shelley 07/16/04 09:10 pm Cathy, thanks for the link to that site. It was very informative and answered (as best as it can answer!) my question of my fishing thread.

Your *classroom-in-the-nest* image cracked me right up! lol
Lori 07/16/04 09:32 pm I believe it was a young osprey looking for an easy meal. The parents were out an about and CZ was eating a fish (so what else is new!) The young intruder thought she would just steal the fish but I think it became harder than she imagined. Not one to give up; she just kept diving for the fish. When Betty showed up, the young intruder felt it best to leave without the snack and all it's feathers intact.
Dave S 07/16/04 10:10 pm Hi Lori,

I think you may be on the right track, and I think Tiger is there as well. The attacker, although hard to ID, was on the perch at the stat and returned to it prior to the end of the clip. However, how do we account for the thre chicks in the nest as the attacks occur? This i a very interesting clip. I beleive that one of the adult parents is trying to get the chicks to get out of the nest and they will find food when they do. I also like the idea Matt had that the chicks are being trained to defend, although they did nothing in defense. This is a very interesting clip, keep the ideas coming!
Marie 07/17/04 01:30 am Finally I get to view this most interesting clip. I think like most of the postings that it was an intruder.The chicks at first sounded like they were making a call they often use when a parent is coming in with a fish, however, their calls changed. At 2.25 mins into the clip one hears a noise on the cam perch then the buzzing of the nest occurs. It looked to me that Spirit was at the back of the nest and he layed down first and stayed down low thrughout the whole ordeal. The girls seems to stand their ground but it was interesting how Spirit ,if it was him, reared up as the intruder buzzd over. Some times it did look like one of the girl chicks was 'getting it' around the head. Finally, the back up patrol arrived and one could hear Betty perhaps, defending her nest and chicks with that shrill alarm call she makes. The other two chicks seem to be reassured and down they flopped. A sense of relief seemed to take over, so I think it was an intruder. I don't believe it made a sound so can't decide if it was another young from another nest or an adult. Your guess is as good as it gets DAVE.
Tiger 07/17/04 03:45 am Oooops. It was this I was laughling at.

That must be one of the funniest posts ever!

Thank you Cathy! :)
Tiger 07/17/04 03:47 am Sorry this board seems to remove text put in bracks. I was quoting Cathy's wonderful classroom image.

Tiger 07/17/04 03:52 am For an account of a young chick seeking food at another nest see:

Shelley 07/17/04 07:36 am Tiger, that link was most interesting! Thanks. Did you notice this comment (twice):

"Notice the dark breast band on the lower bird - the main distinguishing mark of an adult female Osprey"

I wonder if that is applicable to our ospreys? I'll have to look more closely now!
Mickey 07/17/04 03:44 pm I just watched it and I think its one of the adults. The bird was on the cam perch for over 5 minutes before it started what I think were "Osprey Games". During the first 5 minutes while the adult was on the cam perch one chick was even feeding itself.None of the chicks was alarmed at any time while the adult was up there.By the time of this clip Peace and Spirit were very secure fledglings. CZ had just tried her wings successfully 4 hours before all this.Whatever the adults reasons it sure was fun to watch. You could tell when the adult was about to "tag" the chicks because all 3 chicks would get ready to "tag" her.I personally think this was a flying/fishing lesson :)
thanks for posting the clip DPOF.
RonS 07/17/04 08:57 pm I just got a chance to watch the clip and I agree with the majority, it was a real attack and not the "Osprey Games" that Mickey saw. I also believe it was an adult based on, firstly, the full feathering on the legs seen at the beginning of the attack sequence and, secondly, the flying skill shown in the rest of the clip.
As to why; one thing that came to my mind was that a "single" adult from this area, even this nest, is here to try to establish it's territory for next year's season. It saws an "unprotected" nest and tried to evict the young squatters.
In any case, thanks, Dave, for posting this clip and giving our minds a good excercise. Hey, Cathy, how about expanding your classroom image to include a bunch of human adults sitting aound a connection of computers as their own personal whiteboards, trading notes!!:~))

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