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Thread subject: The Awards
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/17/04 04:51 am Now that another season is coming to a close maybe it is a time to start thinking of the awards.

What was the best moment of 2004?

The worst?

Favourite chick?

Most handsome chick?

Favourite poster?

and any other awards you care to suggest.


Celeste 07/17/04 06:03 am 1.For myself as a second year observer, the day the DPOF announced that the adult osprey had returned. After watching the movie all through the winter of the Winged Migration, it "hit" me what a miracle it was that these parents had returned once again with all the obstacles they must encounter.

2. The 4th chick story.

3. Spirit!!!!

4. CZ I think is quite striking with her distinct markings of the "ultimate" in what we expect an osprey to look like!

5. I think all of us are "favorites" Tiger, EVEN you!!!!!lol!!!
Marie 07/17/04 12:19 pm Best moment was SPIRIT flying first.
Worst moments...death of #4 and disposal if its body.
Favorite chick = was number four till it perished! Now SPIRIT and perhaps PEACE.
Striking/handsome chick= CZ
FAVORITE POSTER= all!!!! Each person always saw something I didn't see and that is always very useful when piecing the puzzle together. Except... Celeste was always there in the morning to start my catch-up day so she gets a little more of my vote... :-))
The real BLUE-RIBBON (Ist. PRIZE) goes to DPOF TEAM that held it all together for us so that we could VISIT , could SEE and communicate with one another.
And lastly we needed OSPREYS...and they came and what a family they provivded for US all. Three cheers for our OSPREY family! HIP HIP HOORAY!
Tim 07/17/04 01:49 pm I had areat time here this season.I learned some new things.I enjoyed sharing the good times with the board members.We also had to accept some bad times.Every moment here has been awesome to me and you folks are all great to hang out with and share this interest we have in common.
Tiger 07/17/04 07:52 pm 1. The best moment for me was when Spirit fledged.

2. Not so much the worst moment but the worst day was the one just after #4 died. The weather was poor and not very many fish came in. Things looked grim for #3 too. #3 spent a worryingly long time in a submissive pose not moving.

3. Has to be Spirit.

4. Oh not been here long enough to answer that one :)

Shelley 07/17/04 09:07 pm 1) Best moment: Hard to say but maybe, seeing the first chick hatch.

2) Worst moment: Definitely, losing #4. We knew it was inevitable, we expected it but he had so much spirit, and personality and he hung on so long, it was just such a heartbreak

3) Favourite chick: Spirit, for his, well, his *spirit*! patience, perseverance and overall good manners ;-)

4) Most handsome: The truth? They all kind of look alike to me!

5) Favourite poster: No favourites. Each and every one of us here contributes something unique. Each perspective, each personality has unfolded over the weeks and months as we have come to know each other a little bit more each day. In a funny way, it's similar to our getting to know the personalities of the chicks, by their antics, their little sibling rivalries, their shared needs and interests. In the end, though, it still feels like *family*, at least to me.

As Marie mentioned, the DPOF team have been instrumental in keeping it all together; they have been OUR Betty and Dennis, adding to and improving *our* nest site (the board) as necessary and as needed. So, a huge thank you to them and to all of YOU!
cathy 07/17/04 09:49 pm Every morning is wonderful as I get up and fire up Real Player. I actually liked watching Betty sitting on the eggs for (I think) 35 days. As soon as I come home from work, I watch again. Sometimes during the day I read observations because I can't use RealPlayer at Boeing where I work.

Every day is a miracle - first it seemed impossible that they would hatch; then how will they all survive; then grow; then fly and now hunt and migrate. It is a great mystery and is going on all over - unseen by us. In the past few years I have been growing in awareness of birds around me, but now I am passionate about them. I will retire from Boeing in September and you can bet that I will be advocating for habitat and food for those like us and ospreys - at the top of the food chain.

I am also very attached to the observation posters - each of you. Great writing and thoughts and spirit (and Peace). As someone remarked in an earlier message - people post on this board very respectfully - so all are welcome.

A friend told me she is watching the Tour de France bicycle race. I told her I watch Ospreys. She looked at me like she couldn't understand what I was talking about.

I have also enjoyed reading messages trying to understand the behavior of the ospreys. I am reminded of Gary Larsen cartoons (who I miss) - how his animals sat in chairs or were scientists or plotting against humans. Its amusing to map our world onto that of animals - but really - it seems incomprehensible - our brains and instincts and intelligence is quite different.

I pray for them to thrive and return next year.

This site is a great feat and gift. Thanks to all.
Lori 07/17/04 11:14 pm 1. Best moment was the start of the new season.
2. Worst was the death of #4 I'm sure we all wanted him to survive.
3. Spirit-- I always root for the underdog
4. like Shelly, I find them very hard to tell apart
5. As for posters-- I like you all, I especially like Celeste's morning view and Marie's bedtime stories. I like Shelly's excitement and Mickey's humor. Matt you tell excellant "stories" on the message board!
Last but not least-- Thanks DPOF for making this all possible. It's a smashing sucess!
Grace 07/18/04 09:30 am This is my first year here so all the moments have been great.

The death of #4 was rough, but I thought that the ultimate disposal of his body was great. Betty was almost ceremonious with it and #4 lives on in the others.

As for posters, Mickey gets my nod, and this is why. My first post on the obs board was not really scientific and I rambled. Later that day, he posted about the two boards and their different purposes. I'm not sure if his post was directed at me, but I took it personally. This made me really observe the nest for the rest of the season, and I learned to watch carefully, without interpreting what I was seeing, and to write down exactly what I saw. (Hadn't done this since the 8th grade, many moons ago, and I enjoyed trying to be as scientific as I could be.)

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