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Thread subject: Auditory Hallucinations
Name Date Message
Tim 07/17/04 09:56 pm I was driving on my Bicycle on montauk the village of Patchogue.
Suddenly I was hearing screaming Osprey,
my first thought was "I've been watching the Ospery Cam too long and now I'm hearing things" Thankfully it really was Osprey on a cell phone tower.
This tower is up only a few years and I don't know how long Osprey have been using it.
Today I got back on the bike to get a closer look.Now here's some real good news, It took almost 3 hours but it was worth it.
This is another pair who have fledged 3 young.
Very cool seeing the 3 young and the 2 parents sitting on this cell tower.This makes a total of 12 Osprey young I have observed this spring and summer including the Puleston nest. These nest's are all within a 7 mile area give or take a mile or so. How's that for making a comeback?
Celeste 07/17/04 10:21 pm It is exciting to suddenly hear a chirp "live" and realize you are hearing and seeing an osprey "in person". Sometimes the people around me look at me when I get so excited about an osprey sighting on Long Island! Then I find myself "explaining why this bird is so special". Most times I notice that people will genuinely like knowing something about a bird that lives in their "neighborhood", but not really knowing what it was! So I understand your excitement...And yes, the word is definitely COOL!!!!
Lori 07/17/04 11:25 pm Hey Tim, That nest has only been there since the start of this season. The tower is on my way home.I work in Patchogue. I've seen 3 birds on the nest but never the whole family. It is a great feeling to be able to recognize their call and talk about them to other people. Once on the way home, over by Swan Lake there was an osprey just hovering way above the pond. I thought it was amazing how still it looked. The wings had to be flapping but it really wasn't going anywhere. I'm asuming it was checking out the fish.
Shelley 07/18/04 06:28 am Excellent news! And how exciting for you, Tim! But on the other hand, the more osprey in the same neighbourhood, the more competition there is for fish, especially on bad weather days when fishing is difficult, I imagine. But I guess that's all part of the great plan of nature...survival of the fittest. Still, the weather seems to be fairly decent so far this summer... :-)
Tim 07/18/04 08:50 am Lori I see that a new Osprey platform has been installed at Swan Lake.I find that a great spot to observe water fowl.
Tiger 07/18/04 11:07 am Shelley. Your point about osprey crowding is well made. It was the exact reason given for why Scotland has been able to send some young ospreys to Spain.

Apparently the young ones are competing so hard for resources that it results in fights and broken eggs. Also the young ospreys are not starting breeding until they are five or six years old.

Yet last year, at Rutland Water, a young female osprey bred at the tender age of two years.

Yet she was known as the one who broke every rule in the osprey book.

Marie 07/18/04 12:24 pm Tim ...I know how you feel Those calls are resounding in my head all the time. I beginning to realise that I need a BUMPER sticker on my car... that says' THIS CAR STOPS FOR OSPREY CALLS!!! While out in the country my ears are so tuned for osprey calls and eagles now. I suddenly stop to listen when on the road. Can too much of a good thing be Bad for me......LOL

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