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Thread subject: EAGLETS FLEDGE!
Name Date Message
Marie 07/18/04 12:17 am This morning at ten, the younger( slimer, smaller) of the two eaglets took to the air. Followed by its sibling 30 mins later. They did their circle around their very big, leafy nest tree but the younger one , who I am convinced is Male, flew off to a big fir tree close to the road. This younger one has always been more adventurous. This is the one that fell off a branch and dropped five feet below the nest, after only becoming a BRANCHER for 24 hrs. It had to spend a night out on a limb. We all wondered if Mom had gone down to it the next afternoon and said :HERE jump on my back and I will fly you back up to the nest, well, we all know that didn't happen. What probably happened is what we as onlookers saw this evening...the younger one was so excited and flapping around the nest and suddenly landed on an almost perpendicular branch. Once there it started to climb the branch using its clawed talons and shimmied up. We all cheered knowing this behaviour was inate. Ancient reptillian behaviour.!!! Worked very successfully tonight and eight days ago too. Tomorrow it will be another exciting day again, for I have been the resident 'PROFESSOR' down at the beach trying to educate many of the folk out and about for their evening or daytime stroll. 17th of July 2004 goes down in history for these are a very celebrated pair of Eagles and have been seen on TV last evening.
Celeste 07/18/04 06:14 am
Oh Marie, I had written a subsequent post to the above message and "lost it" when I went to get the above link. So I will try to write it again...first of all excited about "your eagles" and I was asking whether or not you will be able to continue to observe eagles through the season. The above link is a famous Eagle Festival that we have in Connecticut along the Connecticut river each year in February. Phil Donohue is an honory chairman I believe. Anyways, if you want to take a look it is quite interesting.

I also wanted to add that I also play the role of professor. The other day I was finally purchasing a "decent" pair of binoculars for beginning birders, (remembering what you had advised too by the way), when the owner of the shop told me that he sees a huge nest on the highway for years coming to and from work. I put on my professors' hat and told him that they were osprey, a brief background, and found that others in the store "stopped" and were listening also...either they thought I was strange, or really were interested....oh well!

Thank you once again, and I look forward to the next "episode"!
Celeste 07/18/04 06:38 am What I meant to ask in the above, (doing a little too much in between this morning), was are you able to continue observing eagles in the Fall, etc. Also I meant to type honorary for Phil Donohue. Didn't take time to "proof"!
Marie 07/18/04 01:08 pm Oh yes Celeste, I have watched this pair of eagles for Five years now. In about three weeks time they take their young ones away with them on a mini migration. They go up the BC coastline or further up this huge island to where the returning Salmon go to their home stream after four years away in the ocean. They return to SPAWN and thus provide a Banquet that the eagles love. Dead and dying salmon right at their feet in the many BC rivers that run inland from the sea. It is an eagles paradise and so the young eagles learn to feed and catch fish for themselves. At this time the parent eagles are looking very worn out so after 6-8 weeks at the salmon pic-nic they return to their nesting territories and leave the young behind to fend for themselves. They look beautiful when they return. I guess it is all that wonderful SALMON OIL that does the adults so much good. Defending established territories is a full time job. I believe the male returns first but I will have to try to see again this time. I feel especially LONELY when they have gone but by the 30th of Sept by heart is racing expectantly to see their return. The young I guess have to learn to survive the winter once the salmon have disappeared. This is the their challenge to overcome. 50% of them will die this first year. Three yearling birds showed up here this year and two appeared to know their nest from last year in a territory three miles from here. I saw them come in to their old nest.?? Conjector...for I am not an eagle. The parents of ?? those two weren't breeding this year and were seen to be flying around at times with these two. Normally I believe if the parents are nesting then they aren't very happy to see last years young showing up again. I always hope and pray my two will return safely. By as late as the end of the first week of October my pair are back at the beach and I will see them almost every day fishing off the channel markers, or just standing together on a rock or in their roost tree. Magnificent birds!
Shelley 07/18/04 01:34 pm I have a friend who lives in Alaska and there is a place she goes to watch the eagles there. She says she see TONS of them up close and all at once! Can you imagine!?!?!?! :-)
Marie 07/18/04 02:07 pm LOL....that is it...a feats in all respects! We have a river here called Goldstream,just outside Victoria which is part of a provincial park. Here the salmon return is very late. Usually last week of OCT with numbers of salmon as high as 40-50,000 salmon. We get numbers of up to 250(in a good year) of young and adult Bald eagles congregating there, but like everything, spawning numbers of slamon are declining so the eagle numbers aren't as high anymore. The best months to see large numbers of Eagles are late Nov and December. Despite the STENCH(hold your nose) of dead salmon it still is a great place to go in late November/December. The park has beautiful fall colours in late October.
Celeste 07/18/04 03:45 pm Thank you Marie, when Frank returns from work today I know he will look forward to my reading your posts! (as I have mentioned before, yours are the only ones he will "stop" and listen too!
Marie 07/18/04 04:54 pm never give up Celeste. He will be won over is great that a little reading from the observation/message board can create visual pictures for ones mind. Thank you for the complements and your postings.

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