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Thread subject: Another purrrrrrfect day of NATURE.
Name Date Message
Marie 07/18/04 01:08 am I headed out with another photgrapher to check out the Osprey nests around town again today. We had already seen the Eaglets fledge by then. As we drove up to the military ball park there was a ball game 'happening' and above their Noise we heard the resident female osprey calling. Her nest is right bang smack in the middle of the ball diamond!!! I bet those players never even knew it was there.!!! I said to my friend, listen ..she is telling us, her mate is on its way with dinner.I KNOW OSPREY SPEAK! I didn't even have time to get out of the car when sure enough in flew Dad with a fish. He then flew to the highest tree on the embankment over looking the playing field to watch his family eat.It was only a small fish for she was calling in no time again. Two small chicks here at this nest site. Next stop we saw the three young flying around the nest while MOTHER stood quietly in the nest alone watching her brood. The kids were calling and one landed on her back as it descended to the nest. We have seen this behaviour in the nest at Long Island. Facinating stuff! From there we went to the other big nest which had been predated and once again we saw an adult on one of the other lamp poles close by to the nestpole, where a new FRUSTRATION nest was being added to. This wasn't the frustration nest we had seen last Sunday.We went along to check that one out and it hadn't grown in size since last week. Interesting to see two frustration nests in so short a time since the chicks had died and all so close to each other.
From there we headed further out along the coastline and found a beautiful inlet where new seal pups had been born. One new pup we could see had its umbilical stump still pretty red. I would think it was only a few hours old. There were three other moms with pups on small rocky islands. This newest one we watched for an hour while its mother tried to snooze with its head supported on a rock.( tired out from all that hard labour giving birth )the tiny pup would flap a little flipper and waggle its tail flippers in the air in an uncoordinated fashion. It arched its tail up just the way adults was so amazing and the bond between them was so sweet.The pup would take long yawns while its mother appeared to smile in her 'shut-eye' mode. Eventually it looked for its feeding nipple. It was so quiet and peaceful in this bay until another small seal pup mistook this Mom for its own. It was tough to watch the new mother roar and try to rid herself of the intrusion. Eventually after mom and baby slid off their rock into the water did the other little one find its own mother.(Pam )Race rocks was off in the distance. We could see it clearly... ;-) Baby birds that were fresh out of the nest were all around us chirping to be fed. Three Turkey Vultures, that have an acute sense of smell, were flying around the bay. They were probably attracted to the afterbirth of new seal pup. It was a very hot, sunny day here today, but the commune with Nature was truly enriching.
Celeste 07/18/04 05:54 am Once again "wow" Marie. We have a television channel here on Long Island called "Animal Planet", which I watch constantly! To be able to see up close the baby seal pups!!!!I was watching your post as a "episode" in my mind! Ah yes, it is something how after watching this nest so closely we do "speak" osprey! It amazes me that osprey "tolerate" some of the places they insist on nesting, especially when you come across a nest that is such a peaceful, pristine location. I feel the same way when I see the osprey nest that is located right smack in the middle of our highway with traffic going east and west, plus a service road, stores nearby, etc. I almost feel sorry that they are missing so many other pretty, quiet locations just a short distance from where they chose to live! Whenever my husband "hears" the osprey and asks me to "lower" my computer speakers, I explain I haven't touch the volume, they are excited because........and again when we are viewing a nest in person and hear their chirps....I find myself "translating" to whomever is in the vicinity. Oh what people must think!
Thank you!!!!
Shelley 07/18/04 06:19 am I, too, can't find a better *channel* to watch than THIS one!!! Thank you so much!! Even though it is vicarious, the pictures you paint in my mind's eye are vivid, clear and always the best...and no commercial interruptions!
Who could ask for more? :-)
Jamie 07/18/04 08:52 am Wow Marie-what a picture you should write books!!! I was thinking of how lucky you are to have viewed not only osprey, but seal pups...that is one of the creatures of this earth I want to take a trip and see before I die...I just think they are so beautiful :-) I do have a question though, if you would...what is a "frustration" nest?
Marie 07/18/04 12:19 pm Hi Jamie...'Frustration Nest' is a term I have adopted from Dr. Tiger who gives US all the scientific info...he is OUR resident Scientist on this message board. All the way from England. I had never heard this term before Tiger posted it. Anyway it makes lots of sense. These Frustration nests are nests begun by the ospreys, shortly after AN EVENT has occured where the original nest has been predated and where the chicks have been lost. Perhaps, even bad weather may destroy the nest, eggs etc. Ospreys can't have a second clutch of eggs unless it is very early in the breeding season. It takes too long for the chicks to fledge, learn how to feed themselves and be fit and strong for their lengthy migration. The two frustration nests I saw yesterday had about 20-30 plus sticks in them. Hope this has helped.
RonS 07/18/04 07:49 pm Thanks, Marie, for a giving us a part of your great day. I wonder if those frustration nests serve as a beginnnig nest for young adults returning to their natal nest area for the first time.
Marie 07/19/04 02:38 am A nice thought Ron...perhaps Tiger might comment on your thought, for I have no idea. I will certainly keep an eye on these two very rudimentary nests and hope one becomes a 'Real' nest for it is in such a good location. I must be patient and watch.
Tiger 07/19/04 04:24 am Ron I think it varies. They are mostly abandoned but on some occasions they become full nests.

Tiger 07/19/04 04:27 am Oh sorry Ron I now see exactly what you mean. I have not not ever seen the idea that young adults should use frusatration nests as a building block to a full nest.

Tiger 07/19/04 06:09 pm Marie if you remember I sugested you look for a frustrastion nest and then you looked and found one! Always good science!

It was a frustration nest in 1955 which alerted bird lovers that the osprey was trying to breed again in Scotland. It was much later that they found the real eyrie which was a much more substantial affair.

I presume it is a reaction of the ospreys to the grief of losing their investment. They usually build it for a week or so before losing interest.

In at least one case the osprey pair returned the following year and built it into a proper nest. But I think that is unusual.

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