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Thread subject: Storch nest in Germany
Name Date Message
Nancy L 07/18/04 11:42 am I just checked in & all 3 grown chicks are standing tall on the nest in the late afternoon sun. Lots of traffic, of course.
Marie 07/18/04 12:32 pm I check this nest out every night before I go to bed, Lori. I often see the sun coming up in Germany on these three young storks. They are really beautiful to watch. 9hrs difference in time makes it great for me to view! They are growing very big but I haven't seen the parents come in once of late with food. The NOISE of the traffic is awful and I often hear the morning rooster crowing, as well as some early people risers who speak of course in GERMAN. If they only knew I was listening to thier conversations half a world away. Wouldn't they be surprised... ;-)) FORTUNATELY FOR THEM I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN.
Tiger 07/18/04 12:42 pm That rooster seems to crow at all times of day. I heard it about five hours ago.

Shelley 07/18/04 01:30 pm Could you post the link to the stork nest again, please? I used to have it but can't see to find it now

Marie 07/18/04 01:53 pm Shelley here it is......
It is fun to watch.
Tiger 07/18/04 01:59 pm You just beat me to that Marie.

The camera is:

It is also one of the links on the camera page here.

Shelley 07/18/04 02:05 pm WOW! THOSE are the CHICKS??!!! They look so HUGE!! lol, it's all a matter of perspective, I guess!

Although there is one numeral difference in the 2 url's that you both posted, I tried both and they both take me to the same page. However, it does not appear to be live streaming video, as this one is, rather it seems to be using the same *refresh* program that Kent, Washington uses for the eaglecam. Also, Marie, I don't hear any sound...?? Should I be? You said you can hear people talking, as well as traffic. What's the trick?
Marie 07/18/04 02:09 pm It is streaming VIDEO...look for the sign that says video to the right of the screen mid way up the page
Marie 07/18/04 02:13 pm Sorry TIGER..guess my Mouse is bigger and faster than yours! Hee hee!
Marie 07/18/04 02:16 pm Another very loud NOISE at that nest site are the resident HOUSE-SPARROWS or English sparrows as some people call them. They must have nests on the underside or side walls of that big nest. Same birds here use the cavities that are made by the Eagles in their large nest constructions.Twigs just don't fit like bricks and morter

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