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Thread subject: Grabbed Screen Print of Chicks
Name Date Message
cathy 07/18/04 05:52 pm Celeste - you asked for a captured moment of chicks. I am able to capture screen prints with my Mac. I just captured one with 3 chicks (after the food fight just now). If you want some chick screen shots - let me know where to send them.
cathy 07/18/04 06:06 pm Contact me at if you want a screen print.
Celeste 07/18/04 07:54 pm Thank you and I sent you an e-mail Cathy, however, I am discovering lately that my e-mails are not all being "delivered". Please let me know and I will try again.
Cecilia 07/18/04 11:27 pm Cathy...can you tell me how you capture screen prints? I have a Mac too(G4, OS X, Panther) and I'd love to know how! I saw someting similar mentioned on the message board a while back but I thought it was for PCs. Is it special software, shareware or something that can be downloaded? Thanks so much, Cec
cathy 07/19/04 12:33 am Go to your Applications Folder, Choose Utilities, Choose Grab. Start up Grab (its a utility that comes with OS X). Make your RealPlayer picture of the ospreys full screen (green + in upper left of RealPlayer window). Now select grab and in the Grab Menu bar, select "capture". It gives you some options and select "screen". I think the rest will explain itself. Let me know if you have questions at email above. I think now I could edit the screen print in photoshop to improve how it looks. Its a good idea to keep a picture of the ospreys this year as a good memory.
Shelley 07/19/04 06:43 am Does anyone know if there is a way to do this (easily!!) with a PC? I have a Dell and have Windows XP. I am EXTREMELY computer ignorant so it has to be SIMPLE! ;-) When I'm viewing the eaglecam, I know I can right-click my mouse and then click *save picture* and that's it and it works. THAT'S easy. But for this one, that method doesn't work. Any ideas?

Cathy, I'm emailing you for a copy of that pic!
Cecilia 07/19/04 11:16 am Thanks Cathy...I'll try it tonight!
cathy 07/19/04 01:44 pm I discovered when using the Grab utility that its better if you stop Real Player and then capture the "frozen" screen. Of course then you might miss some of the action. Grab gets blurry when there is lots of movement and the actual moment it "grabs" is some seconds after you tell it to capture the screen.
Melanie 07/19/04 02:30 pm GREAT tip! I always bemoaned how fuzzy any wing action was with Grab (let's hear it for Macs!!!)
cathy 07/19/04 03:37 pm For Windows (XP or other):
Make Real Player window as big as possible. Open Word or Powerpoint. Hold down the ALT key (lower left keyboard). While holding it down, press the Print Scrn key (upper right). Now go to the Word or Powerpoint window and select EDIT + Paste. This should paste the image of your screen into a document. Now you can save it. (You can also stop real player at a moment you want to capture - using the "play" buttons - if your captured image is blurry)
Pam1 07/19/04 03:47 pm Shelley - and others with PCs. A really good capture programme to download is at - go to system then click to download capture software. Doesn't take long to download and it is very easy to use, you can choose a folder for your pics to go to (mine is 'Captures'- original eh?. They are saved as bitmaps so I usually change them to JPEGs in a photo editing programme, such as MGI Photosuite, and put them in subfolders. All you do is click on a little camera icon on your taskbar whenever you want to take a shot. Any problems, come back to me and I'll try to help.
Mickey 07/19/04 05:24 pm Cathy........when I do what you say (windows) the image thats pasted has a blank black screen. Any ideas?
cathy 07/19/04 05:32 pm Well I didn't actually try it with Windows, but it works for other screens. It is probably better to go with Pam1's ideas. You might try stopping Real Player and see if it works then. I will experiment once I get to a Windows machine.
Mickey 07/19/04 05:53 pm I tried stopping the image. Tried it in the external viewer and the web page viewer.I tried using Pams software and all I get is a black screen. My next attempt will be a 12 ga. That will fix anything*wink*
cathy 07/19/04 08:08 pm You can download some of the screen prints I made at:

I will post more when I see some good ones.
Shelley 07/19/04 08:39 pm Thanks for that, Cathy! I love the one of Betty landing, with her wings still spread open!
Cecilia 07/20/04 12:09 pm Thanks from me too...I like the one with the big fish!

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