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Thread subject: "Return of the Osprey" and More...
Name Date Message
Cecilia 07/18/04 11:21 pm First let me say that the people on this site have to be the nicest in the world! Of course I base this wild assumption on my lovely meetings with only three of you but the odds are looking good :-) There is nothing so welcome as walking into a room of strangers and hearing someone call out your name...which is just what Nancy L. (our very own Nancy L.) did when she saw us come through the door at the Nature Conservancy lecture series that we went to on Friday and it was such a nice surprise. I knew that she had said that she might go but the timing of the event and the traffic was daunting so I really didn't think she would make it. Like Spirit, she proved to be self reliant and unruffled!

In case you missed the notice on the message board, we were there to hear David Gessner (author of "Return of the Osprey" and other books) give a talk. He has a new book out titled "Sick of Nature" and I assume he is making the rounds to promote it. Of course we were there because we had read "Return of the Osprey" and wanted to hear about that book, so he talked about both books and showed osprey slides at the end.

He said the title "Sick of Nature" came about because no matter what he writes about critics review his books and call him a nature writer, even after he wrote a book about his father dying. So he's not so much sick of nature as he is sick of being labeled a nature writer :-) He read from the new book and spoke from memory about "Return of the Osprey" and in both cases he was funny, self deprecating, honest and very entertaining.

He was interested in the DPOF Osprey cam but hasn't actually seen it :-( He was most excited about seeing the archived clips and he gave me his email address so I can send him the site and the RealOne Player info. I warned him that the chicks have fledged and may not be in the nest much by the time he gets around to looking at the cam but I'm sure he will really be stunned by the captured footage.

He's hoping to do a follow up book about the rest of an osprey's life cycle...migration and life in their winter locations. He's talking about trying to follow them from their breeding grounds as they head south and I think he said that he would like to track a specific bird, if possible, perhaps one with a satellite tracking device.

We told him about how amazing it has been to watch the daily life of an osprey family unfold right in our homes and offices and I don't think he fully grasped how much we have seen. He was watching 4 nests from the ground so he has viewed a very different slice of their existence from the one we have seen. I tried to explain about how we all watch and post at different times but I don't think it is easy to understand. I hope he ends up spending some time looking at the site and the Obs board, only then will it be clear how much time and attention has been lavished on this one osprey family! was a nice treat! Wish you all could have been there but I know it was a long way and held at a pretty difficult time of day. Maybe DPOF will hold some kind of forum at Wertheim for all of us locals who will be going through osprey withdrawal soon :-)...And they could set up a "people cam" for all the out of towners :-)

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