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Thread subject: Watched Osprey Catch Fish
Name Date Message
cathy 07/19/04 12:53 pm I look out on Puget Sound from my home office (I am supposed to be working), and just saw a huge osprey hunting and dive and catch a large fish. My husband and I both cheered. It struggled to get airborne and flew with the fish low over the water toward a nearby park where it may live.
Celeste 07/19/04 01:01 pm That is a rare experience Cathy. Even the author David Gessner, when observing his different nests in Cape Cod, his one wish was to witness an actual dive and catch of a fish! It took a while before he actually witnessed it and he is was actively observing osprey dawn to dusk almost every day!!!! Do you need a good "assistant"?
Pam1 07/19/04 03:36 pm Dennis (husband) and myself were in 3 sisters area, Oregon by a lake, having an ice cream, watching a lovely little squirrel on the boat slipway - down cam a hawk (don't know what sort) and claws downward extended, swooped and took the squirrel - I was most upset.
cathy 07/19/04 03:56 pm I was watching a sandpiper on a beach through binoculars once and suddenly it took off, and I looked up to see a hawk chasing it in flight, catch it by flying faster and carry it off the a cliff. It was amazing to see something captured like that. If we had to catch the meat we eat that way, we would eat more vegetables. However, its all packaged at the grocery store - so we don't think of the cows, pigs or chickens we bring back to our nests to feed our chicks. I am mostly a vegetarian.
Shelley 07/19/04 03:58 pm OMG!!!! I complain alot about the squirrels around here but in a weird kind of way, I love those little rodents. I would also be horribly upset if I saw what you had seen, Pam!!!! How awful!

It's bad enough watching the predator/prey thing play put on nature shows on tv but I don't think I have the stomach (or the heart!) for it *live*...
Marie 07/19/04 04:45 pm It isn't a very pleasant thing to watch another Life destroyed by a creature higher up the preditor/prey ladder, but just to put things in prospective it often takes these 'HAWKS and EAGLES six to eight attempts for a successful catch.They expend a tremendous amount of energy to get their prey. I watched a Perigren Falcon take a Pintail in flight one day and it was sad for the duck but the extraordinary Skill to take a duck in flight was awesome. That is nature and She provides for all. I get more upset with the Human slaughter of animals for human consumption and the abysmal conditions that these animals suffer during their life time. I eat No red meat and try to stick to fish and chicken. I eat my Veggies Cathy.
Mickey 07/19/04 04:50 pm congrats Cathy.It must have been some sight. Its my goal to see a successful catch.

On another note my steak was med rare and delish today :) Im glad I ate before reading this :)
cathy 07/19/04 05:28 pm Today is the day for the osprey! I just watched it catch the 3rd fish today! This time I saw the splash and the climb out. Its really hauling them out. I have seen several fish catches by eagles in the past 5 years I have been watching fairly closely, and have seen one or two ospreys flying by or hunting, but never this many catches.
Celeste 07/19/04 05:31 pm One of the things I remember when we watched the Pale Male regarding the red-tail hawk, that the hawk will seek the weakest prey. Once again, survival of the fittest. I also remember feeling badly for the prey, when my husband said and "what about the poor fish"? So, once again survival of the fittest!

Another great book about a "Canadian" red tail hawk which takes place in Westport, Ontario, is
"A Wing in the Door, Life with a Red-Tailed Hawk. Seems this hawk adopted this family, (it was once owned by a falconer), and they would get the prey for this hawk who needed to learn to live in the wild. The tales of this hawk and its antics with the family is so very interesting, and the connection this hawk had with its human family, gives another insight to raptors. I recommend it highly.

Ah yes, Mickey, nothing like a barbeque steak!
Tiger 07/19/04 05:42 pm Some birds make it look easy!
RonS 07/19/04 10:18 pm I spent New Years Day two years ago watching a Sharp Shinned Hawk chasing small birds around a feeder in my back yard. Later in the day I got several photos of it dining on a pigeon it finally caught. It ain't pretty, but it is life. I'm with Celeste and Mickey at the B-B-Q. :~)
Marie 07/19/04 10:30 pm Tiger...that is a Digital Manipulation PIC, I am sure!!! Fish in both talons...I don't think so...
Hardly areodynamic for transporting home to the family. What's your opinion on this.
Marie 07/19/04 10:38 pm Cathy, you are lucky to see such wonderful things when you are working. Not so for me. That is why I need to find a balance in my life and observing NATURE provides that for me. For you to see Ospreys fishing must provide great excitement at the office. I only see the ospreys coming home with the catch even though I have looked long and hard while at the Lagoon and also at the waterfront. Hope you see more of this splendid action before they migrate.
Cecilia 07/20/04 08:58 am That's so wonderful Cathy...what a pleasure it must be to "work" and watch ospreys at the same time! Of course I have proven that that can be problematic :-)

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