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Thread subject: How Odd Was the Fledging?
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/19/04 05:52 pm Does anyone share my feeling that the fledging we watched here was very odd? I have read about a number of fledgings in the last few days and they are all very different.

1. How often does the youngest fledge first? (Who wouldn't if you had to share a nest with Cz?

2. What is the usual time from first fledge to last fledge?

3. What is the longest time for a chick to fledge? Cz must be in the running!

RonS 07/19/04 10:10 pm I'll let the more experienced observers and researchers come up with the hard data but my thoughts run like this. At first I would have thought along the lines that your first question implies. In fact, when we had our little "Guess When They Will Fledge" contest, my guesses were right in line with their order of birth. But, as you pointed out, the youngest is the the lightest, probably due to losing out in the fight for food. Hunger might also make the youngest realize that the flying adults get the fish from somewhere outside of the nest. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that the youngest were most often the first to fledge.
Marie 07/19/04 10:14 pm As a first time observer I really can't say too much( Hooray he says)...LOL!
I can only share with you and others what I have observed at the beach with the eagles and their nesting/breeding certainly appears that the youngest one fledged this year first...30mins before the older one. I secretly, and don't mind sharing this observation. I do believe there may be a GENDER thing involved in 'Who' fledges first. Perhaps too the dynamics in the nest propells chicks out sooner than later. I believe the males are like little BOY children...they tend generally to be more adventurous and daring than little girls. So if we have male and females in the nest could we assume my hypothesis may have some merrit...I wonder? I have had three children, two boys and a girl so have watched their milestones over the years. The youngest Eaglet(MALE)??? was down on the rocks this evening as I turned the corner at the sheltered end of the beach. Darn it I didn't have my camera.!!!! The bigger eaglet whom I think is a female, because she is LARGER and more cautious sat on a branch by the nest. Likes her security no doubt and closer to the nest when the Food comes in. When we want answers to our questions we bring in SCIENCE.( You know all about that Tiger) This means several years of observations, I believe before we can determine if what we saw this year re FLEDGING was unusual. Hope I haven't bored you all.
Celeste 07/20/04 05:39 am I raised a similar question recently. Last year we had two chicks and Chick 2 was the first to fledge. When chick 1 finally did fledge, I believe in the afternoon of the first fledge, that chick was the one who did less flying generally and spent the most time in the nest after fledging, as we see with CZ and the younger chicks. I am wondering if there is an "expert" out there who could enlighten us....DPOF?
Celeste 07/20/04 05:42 am As I wrote the above I reread Marie's comment, and I think we believe that last year's Chick 2 was the male, and Chick one (the second to fledge), was the female because of the size difference. Once again, as Tiger has said, this live cam in time will provide answers to some of these questions we have or even re-write some of the "older" answers!
Pam1 07/20/04 09:37 am Marie, if you had two granddaughters like mine you would hesitate to say boys are more adventurous and daring than little girls !!!
Marie 07/20/04 06:47 pm Hey Pam, ;-)) I know what you mean. It was a generalization that I spoke of when I say MALE traits V female ones. I was only sharing a 'HYPOTHESIS' of isn't based on FACT, nor science, just intuition and observation and a few assumptions. HOWEVER, I did read something similiar to what I have shared where someone thought that most 'FIRST' eggs laid in the season for Raptors were PROBABLY female eggs. Wish I could remember who said that!!!!!

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