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Thread subject: Ohhhh, Mickey....
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/19/04 06:15 pm Don't you love it when 2 people observe the same thing at the same time and actually see and report the EXACT SAME THING!!!!! ;-)

Cool! How long had you timed it? I watched my computer clock and it was at least 2 full minutes! Were you watching longer than that?
Tiger 07/19/04 06:31 pm Oh Shelley that is called science.

I have been fortunate enough to create a number of new substances. In these circumstances one has to record all the physical properties.

It is always very encouraging when someone, maybe half a world away, repeats the work and gets exactly the same results.

Shelley 07/19/04 06:40 pm Heehee. Tiger, I teach little children. I giggle, laugh, wipe noses and send them to the time-out chair when they aren't being polite to one another. I clean the guinea pig cage, I put on ridiculous wigs from our dress-up box, we read and act out stories and I try to teach them how to read and write and do math. I am not well-suited to most other jobs, and doubt I'd be of any value in a lab.

I'm thrilled if you see even a shred of *scientist* in what I observed here!! That's such a bonus for me!! Thank you! :-)
Tiger 07/19/04 06:58 pm Oh I alays feel that it is at a young age that real learning takes place. Later one spends so much time trying to get student to unlearn bad habits.

If there is one thing you should teach them for science it is to:

"Record what you observe"

too many people record what they think should have observed!

Shelley 07/19/04 07:34 pm You are so right! It's why I love teaching younger rather than older kids. They are also much more honest than older kids and more willing to learn just about everything!
It can be a challenge but I like it. (sure beats working with grown-ups!! hehe ;-)
Dave S 07/19/04 08:01 pm As a grownup, I can appreciate the difficulty trying to teach adults. As a Grandfather, I can appreciate the wide eyed attention that children are capable of. As a regular reader of the observations and the message threads, I appreciate all of the wonderful information all of you have provided. I have learned so much and have enjoyed the banter. Well done, and Thank You All, fans of the DPOF Osprey Cam!
Cecilia 07/19/04 09:14 pm I only came out of my self imposed doghouse to peek at the message board for a minute and I see that you and Mickey both posted almost identical views of the nest activity! I proffer my congratulations! Apparently both of you were viewing the real nest in real time unlike some of us :-) Now I will quit and continue to eat crow... HEY,...Shelley...there's another one for your list :-)
Marie 07/19/04 09:52 pm Oh, Cecelia, Please don't stay in 'Self Imposed Exile ' any longer. As I said earlier and I will share with you now...I had a day from H...I work in a hospital as a nurse and some days aren't all that GOOD with one thing and another so when I check into the OBS on a daily basis and find some HUMOUR I really appreciate it. I know you didn't feel good about it ,but selfishly I must confess, I needed a Good laugh and NOT at You provided that for Me and I thank you whole heartidly. Your admission to that wonderful series of CLIPS was courageous so please come out and Play again...Please!
Celeste 07/20/04 05:37 am I told you Cec! Laughter keeps us healthy and think of all the good you did for us yesterday! I expect to see you on the board today!
Cecilia 07/20/04 08:52 am I'm just sneaking a peek :-) Thanks for the kind words but I think I will take the day to recover...watching that 2 hour attack wore me out :-)
Shelley 07/20/04 09:13 am ((Welcome)) back!!!!!!! :-)
Marie 07/20/04 09:29 am LOL.......I see you Cecelia...
We give you the day off if that is what you need.
Welcome back!!!
Pam1 07/20/04 09:34 am Please come back Cec !!!
Kathy 07/20/04 09:41 am Cec,come back! We will miss you.

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