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Thread subject: Two hours with The Ospreys.
Name Date Message
Marie 07/21/04 01:47 am Late this afternoon I decided to go to one of my osprey nests I have been watching. I travelled through the University to check on the nest that was started but never used. It still remains almost intact and not in use. A great nest for next years breeding season. I can hardly wait. Another decorated FLOOD-LIGHT-POLE! Any ideas why they use those so often?
Following that stop I motored on to another area near the Naval Hospital. Several ball games were in progress. High balls were flying around much too close to the nest...I thought to myself... I wonder if there are any balls up in that nest already? The male osprey was on his favorite tree and disappeared shortly after my arrival. I heard him say...'Honey, I am going Fishing...Wait there and I will soon be back' She waited and waited... she remained virtually in the same spot without moving so much as a foot. An hour later he still hadn't returned. The two chicks stood up a couple of times and shook themselves. Even stretched and flapped a wing or two, then promptly sat down again. I could see their little heads looking over the side of the nest at the ball players below. Plenty of noise that was for sure but none from the ospreys. So unusual!!! I thought of the number of times our chicks had just lounged around all day just waiting and waiting for the next fish delivery to come in. As I watched the female I realised how much time these females spend just waiting and waiting. I had to admire her fortitude and patience. Even I got tired WAITING for the Male to come in. Perhaps the noise kept her and the chicks quiet and the male away. I never heard her call once during the two hours I watched and waited. After an hour she just opened her wings and took off from the nest to stretch a little. She landed on a snag behind me. Preened and then flew around a little more and straight back to the nest. Perhaps six-eight at night just was the wrong time for me to show up. May be a feeding had just taken place shortly before I arrived. Who knows. Hopefully I have one or two good pics of Mom flying around and the chicks stretching their wings. It was just good to be there to watch and admire the OSPREY.
Celeste 07/21/04 05:12 am I know that osprey are known for adapting to the environment, but like the osprey who are on a nest on a busy highway here, it just"boggles" my mind that it doesn't bother them. Some osprey have such peaceful nests in beautiful surroundings, and of all the places where you live Marie, it is unbelievable that they tolerate all that "confusion"! Amazing! However, home is sweet for humans, so I guess for osprey too, where ever there family is, it too is Home Sweet Home!
Cecilia 07/21/04 11:23 am Reminds me of Gessner's the beginning he had an impossible time keeping still and watching. He eventually called it "getting on osprey time" and he talked about the hours and hours where the parents basically just sit and sit, especially the female. We're all dancing as fast as we can most of the time :-( I wish I could slow down and get on osprey time! I envy you your patience Marie!
Mickey 07/21/04 12:53 pm I like the phrase "Osprey time".When Im going to either nest I put myself there mentally by just going v e r y s l o w . It also helps to go by yourself.If you cant do that then you must read your partner the bird viewing handbook *wink*
Celeste 07/21/04 05:09 pm Ah, that's it, I need to be on Osprey family who is always on osprey time, would love that ! However, osprey time also starts very early in the morning!!!!
Cecilia 07/21/04 06:35 pm Well! Now I know why I'm not on Osprey time...I don't get up early enough! And Mickey, I'm sure you are will always be much easier to get into Osprey time when you're alone...less distractions. Now, where can I ship Dennis off too? :-) Nah...I'd miss him :-)
Shelley 07/21/04 06:51 pm I think I must have been an osprey in another life: I am perpetually on osprey time!!! The refrain I heard growing up was:

"Come ON, Shelly, hurry UP!!!!! Stop looking around and just COME ON!!!" From family, from friends, at camp, you name it..... ;-)

I thought there was something familiar about this nest...I've come HOME!!!!! :-D
Shelley 07/21/04 06:54 pm Um...I do know how to spell my own name, really, I do!!! Please disregard my sloppy typing, above! Sheesh!

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