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Thread subject: Gardiners Island---Dennis Puleston
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/21/04 07:56 pm It was at the request of the Gardiners family that Dennis Puleston was invited to observe osprey. In doing so, Dennis discovered that DDT was severely effecting the osprey population on Gardiners Island, New York. There is a website of Gardiners Island that shows a photo of a rare osprey nest that is on the ground. It is as follows:

Gardiners Island on Long Island is privately owned by the Gardiners family. No visitors are allowed, only invited guests, or workmen. For those of you outside of Long Island, and want to explore some of our East End.....the website is as follows....
In 2001 the Gardiners Family allowed photos of their home, their grounds and osprey nests, and other places of interest on their island. Before this, no one never knew what it looked like. Thought you might be interested to see what Dennis Puleston saw!
Celeste 07/21/04 08:00 pm In addition, what makes this osprey nest so unique is that it is one of the few places in the world that osprey make their nests on the ground as there are no natural predators. The nests are located near the beach. Gardiners Island is Long Island at its "purist"
Shelley 07/21/04 08:44 pm Thanks for this, Celeste! How great that they made a website so everyone can see this beauty without disturbing it. Were you one of the lucky ones who went to see it in 2001, when they opened their doors???
Celeste 07/22/04 05:16 am I wish! no, it was only the people who wrote on that website.
RonS 07/22/04 12:31 pm Thanks, Celeste. It makes for great lunchtime viewing, a welcome break from work.
Celeste 07/22/04 01:49 pm You really make me laugh Ron.....Whenever I took a peek at work, (I'm off right now), someone would see how my face would "change" to a nice expression and they would say..."oh she must be watching those birds again"!
Cecilia 07/22/04 03:11 pm Thanks Celeste! It was great to see some of those buildings that you can't see from the water. We've actually been on the Gardiner's Island pond...we canoed across it one day, much to the consternation of the property manager :-) We had gone across Gardiner's Bay, with several other people in canoes, to swim and paddle all around a long sandbar that sits just off the tip of the island. After a couple of hours we had a choice of paddling all the way back along the sandbar or cutting across by portaging our boats a few feet and then crossing the pond. We didn't think they would mind because we weren't going to land. Wrong! As we were paddling along someone came out of one of the buildings and started running down this long slope yelling at us. We couldn't hear him but his body language was very clear so we paddled as fast as we could and broke through the opening back into Gardiner's Bay just as he arrived on the shore. We were afraid he might shoot us :-)but we survived and he glared at us as we waved and kept paddling for all we were worth.

The sand bar and the pond were filled with nests of every kind of water bird and they barely looked at us as we floated by. Since there are no natural predators (or at least there didn't use to be) it's a paradise for terns, plovers, gulls etc. and they thrive in small colonies on the island and the parts of the sand bar that don't get submerged when the tide comes in. It was really a treat to see what such an unspoiled slice of nature.
Celeste 07/22/04 06:44 pm Wow Cecilia, I can only imagine how you all must have felt. I would have been paddling frantically myself, and yet you got to see what many Long Islanders know exist only by photos or by a map!
Cecilia 07/22/04 09:00 pm I know...we are so lucky to have a canoe and the will to paddle it! Now if you and Frank will get your tushies out there we will take you out to see it too!!!
Celeste 07/22/04 09:13 pm Sounds good, though if I saw a man with a gun, I might "lose it" and tip the canoe or drop a paddle, or.......!

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