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Thread subject: Update: Eaglets.
Name Date Message
Marie 07/22/04 02:56 am The two were certainly testing their wings along the waterfront this afternoon. Both were flying around and settled together on the roof of a house for a short while. I watched them fly farther down the beach to 'SPOOK' the gathering of migrating California Gulls that had gathered on the sand bar at low tide. These gulls were busy preening with their young. Nothing too serious happened when these two 'would be killers' glided overhead. Despite their size they just don't have the training to do a mischief to the gulls at this time! After all they are fresh out of the nest since Saturday and still very dependant on parental feedings. They coast gloriously along on those great wings of theirs testing out the gentle breezes that blow off the water. I am sure they are still trying to come to terms with this new experience and thrill of FLIGHT.
Shelley 07/22/04 05:40 am Lucky gulls!!! ;-)
Jamie 07/22/04 08:19 am aahh, the miracle of flight...a peaceful dream of mine...
cathy 07/22/04 08:43 am Its so wonderful that you watch these events in the bird world and share them with us.
Celeste 07/22/04 12:04 pm Thank you again Marie!
Marie 07/22/04 04:26 pm Next installment will be coming later for I have a burning desire to head out to the beach and check out 'My babies,' now that I am home from work. It is a gorgeous day here. A gentle breeze off the water will no doubt have those Juveniles cruising again.
Marie 07/22/04 10:08 pm My goodness it is HOT out there! Whew. Even the BIRDS were lethargic to a degree.
The Eaglets were on seperate branches in the nest tree whining and whining for food. Mom was there too totally ignoring the noise. It is amazing how LOUD their calls have become now. I spoke with a bird observer who said the young juveniles were flying low over the water with their parents and out to the first Island. This all happened at 7 am this morning. Guess I am missing the best activity because I am heading off to work by then. Dad was out on his favorite channel marker while I was there. He was being MOBBED by sight-seeing whale boats that hurried on by. They were on their way to see whales but always stopped to look at this Eagle. I sat and watched this activity and although I thought it very disruptive I believe the eagle would have flown away if it found this to be so. Not sure how those large Zodiacs affect fishing for the eagles as they blast by. I left after an hour as it was too hot. Went on to see the Ospreys. The male was high at the top of his favorite perch in the blazing sun. The female who stood the entire time I was there was casting a bit of a shadow over her lazy chicks. She emitted a call that I hadn't heard our ospreys make. It was a whine to get HIM going, I think. Perhaps she was urging him to go get the evening meal. He ignored it all. She went on and on in all that heat...80 degrees. Her call had a frustrated sudden raspy finnish to the series of four or five whine calls. I stood in the heat for 45 mins and nothing happened. A lady came out of her house and offered me a place in the shade of her property. I thanked her but explained that it was just a little too far for my camera lens so we stood and talked for 15 mins in the SUN. She told me all about the Ospreys and how long they had been there and how many babies over the past four years. 1, then 2 then 3 last year and now 2. Wonderful people one meets when one is obsessed with BIRDS as I am...
Marie 07/23/04 04:52 pm I won't be going to the beach today as I am between Shifts at two places of work, however I spoke to one of the ladies who is a frequent observer at the beach and she said they were sitting side by side on the rocks very close to the sandy beach this morning at 8am. When I got up today and looked out at the view in front of my apartment, it was awash with the rose of an early morning sunrise. I could imagine the Eaglets sitting on a rock together looking at their wonderful world bathed in the blush of a beautiful new day. Tomorrow I will arrive at the beach by 6am and see this for myself.

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