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Thread subject: 'Return of the OSPREY'
Name Date Message
Marie 07/22/04 04:56 pm Thank you Celeste and Cecile I believe, for sharing all your wonderful 'captions' from this book. I am not sure if it has been the influence of this web cam or that I am just 'Ready' for a book like this. Truly I am enjoying the narrative and wealth of info'. I love it...I am only at page 30 and know I will enjoy it right through to the last page. I have my very own hard cover copy. It is beautifully illustrated on the front cover. David's inclusion of Dennis Puleston's work was so timely, especially as we all sit watching our screens at the DPOF. I particularly love the connection with Rachel Carson's work on DDT and references to her prophetic book 'Silent Spring.' What a connection this all has as we watch Our Family of Ospreys go about their daily activities. David Gessner puts it so poetically...'The osprey rises out of the mist of the marsh and as it comes into view its full outline glimmers in the sunlight. Water sparkles on its primaries and a glint of silver shines like a knife blade as it lifts its catch to fly toward the nest' Ahhhhhhh Like the mythical 'PHOENIX', the Osprey has overcome death to rise again to bring enrichment to all our lives for those who take the time to watch this great bird.
Shelley 07/22/04 06:12 pm Marie, is this book available in stores (Indigo/Chapters?) or did you have to order it online? I am still leery of online purchasing (I know, I'm a big chicken...)
Celeste 07/22/04 06:37 pm Firstly, Shelley, I must thank my sister, who is a silent observer of this site. All last summer she was sick and tired of listening to the chirping in the background everytime she called me. For Thanksgiving, she went to not knowing about this book and did a search for a book on Osprey.....hence Return of the Osprey by David Gessner was given to me. I got it at a perfect time here in New York. Our winter was cold and miserable and as I read this book and "eating every word with my eyes", I would sometimes find myself in tears remembering our first experience of being introduced to this bird and our first time using this website. His words would mirror all that I had felt during the season. It is a book that can be read and re-read. Of course I couldn't shut up about it and as we have mentioned before, we did use the message board during the winter, and I kept "advertising" it. I was thrilled when Cecilia got it so she too would feel the same way after reading it. So Elizabeth, if you are taking a peek at this, I have paid my homage to you! And, soon dear sister, when you call the speakers will be "silent"!
Shelley 07/22/04 07:02 pm I am going to see if my local store can order it for me. Thanks, all!
Bill 07/22/04 08:24 pm I just checked and the book is also available on Ebay. I am ordering my copy next.
Marie 07/22/04 09:33 pm Shelley go to the local Book store, Chapters and order it in. Took two weeks for mine to arrive. YOU GUESSED IT...I never buy on line!!!!!!
Marie 07/22/04 10:46 pm Celeste, my eyes tear-up already as I think of this family moving off in the not too distant future. Only SILENCE will fill the void. An empty nest will be our visual reminder of a season shared by so many. Even now when I check in and no one is at home I get this FEELING...sadness! I know the girls, especially on here will feel the loss acutely. That isn't to say the boys won't either but we girls have no difficulty saying so. It will be especially hard for me for my Eagle family will have left too by the 10-12 of August. Guess I had better get a few boxes of Man's size Kleenex in! The ospreys I believe will be seen less and less in the next few weeks. Whaah! Dave where is that Teddy you spoke of before.
cathy 07/22/04 11:25 pm I just ordered a book Return of the Osprey from Amazon for $1.03 + shipping. I have ordered online for years and have always been pleased. I am looking forward to reading it in October when the ospreys leave for the Caribbean. There they will be Los halcon de pez (fish hawks). Espiritu, Paz y Chicazilla.
Celeste 07/23/04 04:32 am Very clever, Cathy....I will have to remember that when I think of them over the winter.
Marie 07/23/04 09:23 am So cathy speaks not only English, Osprey but she speaks Spanish too. I love the word ESPIRITU for our special boy Spirit! Sounds that much more devine... ;-)

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