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Thread subject: Bird Watcher is stuck, saved!!!!!
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/22/04 06:50 pm This is a paraphrased article that my neighbor just gave me from his son's newspaper on Croton-On-Hudson newspaper.

A 52 yr old woman who was an avid bird-watcher wandered into a mud pit and got stuck.

This birdwatcher found herself thigh-deep and out of "help" range from anyone else at this park. Thank goodness she had a cell phone. When she called the police, they did the warmer, colder game with rescuers as they drove around the park with sirens. When they were louder she would say so, and eventually they found her. They had to hack through 12 ft reeds to do so. Seems she went birdwatching early in the morning alone, and meandered off the dirt trail, picking her own path through marshland looking for birds.
She got stuck with one foot and then the other, and was ultimately up to her knees in this muddy, marsh water unable to move. She couldn't tell police where she was and gave a vague landmark that she remembered seeing in this huge park. She was in the mud for an hour.

Well, this is a lesson for all of us, and particularly for our Marie. Be Careful Marie!!!!!
Shelley 07/22/04 06:59 pm EEK! I'm not a big cell-phone fan, at the best of times, but I guess this is definitely a case of *don't leave home without it*!!!

Cecilia 07/22/04 08:55 pm All I can say is, "Let's be careful out
there"... :-) Celeste...this is our future...we'll be written about in the local papers...stuck in the mud or caught up a tree or up a creek without a paddle...yada,yada,yada... :-) Who said bird watching was for sissies?
Celeste 07/22/04 09:06 pm You are probably right, though knowing my "luck" my cel phone will lose its charge, or there will be no cel tower nearby to pick up the signal, etc....better wear Frank's thigh high fishing boots!
Marie 07/22/04 09:28 pm I knew it LOL.....A STORY FOR MARIE..a cautious warning from my FAMILY here on the net! Well I have to confess...I think cel phones are dangerous so don't use one. Remember I am in the medical profession. It isn't a co-incidence that Brain Tumours have risen since the cel phone came into fashion. It is a direct result says the literature. Where is Ralph Nader in this I wonder?Too busy using his own cel phone no doubt ;-)They are certainly useful in emergency situations, I agree. Big business Ta! Da!. I said my piece day when they get better about the amounts of harmful radiation etc I will have my very own cel phone! I have lots of patience and am willing to wait. Thank you for your concern for me. I have learnt never to wander off into the woods by myself for there are black bear and cougar out there not forgeting either the Human preditor as well. Yikes this is an opening up of my values and beliefs.
As for that poor soul stuck in the mud BIRDING, thankfully it had a happy ending to that story.

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