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Thread subject: Perching Branch In Nest
Name Date Message
Mickey 07/23/04 07:53 pm I look at a chicks life in stages. to stay warm & dry. to eat
etc etc etc
Now comes that branch in the nest.I know the adults tried for a long time to move it but wouldnt it be cool if it was put there for a teaching tool? Both adults this year sooooooo look like they are in tune with each other over last year.The chicks are at a stage where they need to learn to fly from the nest with a fish in a talon and then land on a branch and hold on with its other talon.The nest branch does seem to give them that practice doesnt it?
Celeste 07/23/04 08:04 pm I am still marveling at the difference between the dynamics in the nest last year and this year. The parents were so in "tune" with what their "job" was to be. Everything seem to go like "clockwork". And to have 3 chicks, is a celebration in itself. We had no grass growing in the nest like we did last year "blocking" the view, the weather was so much better, Dennis was a wonderful provider, and of course outside of the 4th chick incident, the chicks this year fledged at least 5 days before the chicks last year, there was not the terrible aggression we witnessed last year, so many differences. A combination of plentiful fish, which Poole states makes a successful nest, experienced parents, particularly on the part of the male, weather, and other factors...we couldn't have hoped for more than what we saw and experienced this season. The real miracle will be a successful migration for all three! They will once again take a piece of all of hearts with them.
Cecilia 07/23/04 09:36 pm You the beginning I hoped that one of the parents would be able to get that branch out of the nest...God knows they tried often enough. But they would be standing on it when they tried to move it so it never "went away". :-)

Then when the chicks got older they started using it as a place to lean and rest their heads on (so cute) and eventually they used it to hold onto when they were practicing flapping. Some time in the last few days I saw one of them use it to help hold a chunk of fish they were trying to eat. And, Of course, we have all seen them perch on it for hours at a time.

So it ended up being a backrest, pillow, tool and perch...not bad for a lowly twig! I'd say that it turned out to be indispensable!
Marie 07/24/04 02:52 am I actually I have thought that it was a very useful part of the nest and perhaps was put there intentionally by the parents. Certainly was part of the walls of what I saw as a playpen at earlier times. A sort of corral to keep those three chicks close together and from falling off the side of the nest...
Celeste 07/24/04 06:02 am Yes, I remember thinking there is not going to be enough room with that branch and I too would hope they would get it out of the way. Again, the experience gained from one year to the next! Hopefully, better and better with each new season!
Shelley 07/24/04 06:03 am Well, Betty and Dennis have certainly changed the definition of the word *birdbrain*, haven't they...? ;-)

That'll show us humans!
Tiger 07/24/04 11:50 am Is it my imagination or has the nest given way a bit to the right of that large branch?

That whole right side of the nest seems less solid than it used to be.

Cecilia 07/24/04 12:20 pm Tiger, I think that side got loosened some when they dropped the fish over the side a couple of days ago. One of them tried and tried to get it by standing on the edge and dislodged a piece now and then. I think it was CZ (of course) and she even picked up and broke off twigs in her frustration. Eventually the fish ended back in the nest but I never saw how or who got it.
Pam 07/24/04 01:08 pm I remember that branch being brought to the nest - it was so heavy the bearer of it seemed to just drop it at the last minute and unfortunately it was right across the middle of the nest. They managed to shift it south later on to a more reasonable position but it certainly did seem to make the nest well seem much smaller. I have noticed that the bottom of the nest seems to have been made wider and shallower since the chicks have grown. I'm pretty sure I got a capture of the branch being brought in but I have SOOOO many and they all need sorting out. Instead of that, I keep getting more and more pics in the folders !

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