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Thread subject: Osprey Fledgling Info of Interest
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/24/04 07:19 am I did a Yahoo search on Osprey fledglings...came up with some things that might be of interest.

1. Generally, after young have fledged, they will depend on parents for food another 10-20 days.

2. It has been found that when osprey siblings fledge they are more successful in capturing prey when they stick together rather than when they try to get food on their own.

3, fledgings do practice different flying techniques with the parents. A parent will demonstrate a particular maneuver...for example, pausing in mid-air as they swallow a small fish. It has been observed that the chick will observe this behavior and mimic it even though it does not have a fish to swallow.

4. It has also been observed that if an osprey drops a fish, (too big or too heavy), it will not try to get it again. Cormorants seem to know this and will stand by to take what the osprey lets go.

5. Osprey have been seen to participate in "playing" with other birds. It was observed several times a raven approach a circling adult osprey and play with the osprey in the air. They circled each other, showed off their aerobatics and dance in the air threat displays, no signs of competition. In each case however, the osprey would "break the play" and return to its job of fishing.

6. And to our Canadian friends, did you know that the osprey is the designated provincial bird of Nova Scotia?

7. Last but not interesting Photo Album of Osprey from Utah....however, there is one photo that is sad. There are great close up photos of the changing profiles of the chicks through teir growth period and a photo album of an osprey family. Great close up photos with lots of detail.
Shelley 07/24/04 07:48 am Celeste, that link isn't working for me, I tried it twice. And no, I didn't know about the osprey being NS's provincial bird! Thanks for that!
Tiger 07/24/04 07:53 am Try this instead:
Shelley 07/24/04 09:01 am Hmmm, well, it worked this time. But, try as I might, I can't see any difference from the link you posted, Tiger, and the one Celeste posted. Oh well, no matter.

The photos on that site are WONDERFUL!!! My absolute favourite was the one of the mom, intently staring into the camera, while in mid-flight!! That is some photo!!!

My heart just about broke at the *sad* picture. My first thought was, why can't those highly charged electrical wires be encased in some kind of tubing, to protect all birds from just this sort of fate?! Of course, sadly, I do know the answer, the same answer that is so often given for so many things: money.

Sigh... :-(

Tiger 07/24/04 09:09 am The difference in the links is that when you copy the first one you somehow lose the htm at the end. It must be to do with it being on two lines rather than one.

Shelley 07/24/04 09:19 am Thanks. That makes sense now.
Marie 07/24/04 01:13 pm Thanks Celeste...great info...and I had stumbled on those PICS before. They are very very good. Yes I did know about Nova Scotia and the Osprey. Does that mean they are prolific out that way now or was it a case of 'They once were?'mmmm I wonder?
Lori 07/24/04 11:36 pm Thankyou Celeste, I enjoyed the pictures and the story that went with it. Utah chicks have like mannerisms of our chicks. Which only goes to prove; that kids are the same --- no matter where they come from!!! :-)
Cecilia 07/25/04 10:30 am The Utah photos are the best I've ever seen...thanks Celeste, I'm saving them!

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