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Thread subject: Chick's Personalities?
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/01/04 06:12 am I don't know if it is because this is my second year at observing, but particularly in the last few weeks, since our chicks fledged, I really feel that these chicks develop personalities. I would be curious to know how the "experts" feel about osprey/raptors having personalities. Though as Tiger has noted, we could be "writing" the book on osprey personalities because of the up close and personal view we are priviledged to get. Certainly, raptors in captivity are noted to have different personalities by their handlers. Or do humans "assign" personalities? However, when Marie posted in her observation this morning, that Peace is more of a quiet soul, spends more time away from the nest, it confirmed in my mind that we are not "assigning" human traits at all. I have noted several times that there are real conversations between CZ & Spirit in the early morning hours. They will take turns when they chirp, and the chirps, (the number, tones, etc) will be exactly the same. Or, they will chirp together excitedly and have different chirps back and forth. Also, who would have ever guessed in the early days when these chicks hatched that Chick 1 would be "hanging out" with Chick 3? In the last couple of weeks, early in the morning when I turn on the cam, CZ is alway accompanied by Spirit. Whether Spirit answers her from afar or joins her in the nest. Spirit will look at CZ when she is doing her screeching and seem to join in more and more these last weeks. I have never seen or heard Peace in my 5am observations.

Is it because there are 3 chicks this year?

I only remember that last years nest of 2 chicks was that chick 1 would spend more time in the nest, and eventually chick 2 who fledged first, would join that chick eventually.

Also, the names we chose this year are all so perfect; I really do feel they "suit" their personalities, whether we have "imagined them or not". I, personally, feel they do have unique personalities, and it is intriguing to ponder whether these personalities will "help" them in their first migrations. Marie stated in her observation that Peace will not be afraid to start his first migration. Will CZ's persistance to eat and usually win, contribute to a successful and safe migration? Will Spirit's determination to change the "pecking order" as he successfully did when he first fledged and during feeding time, help him in his migration? So many thoughts! So intriguing. Any other thoughts out there?

Shelley 08/01/04 07:06 am Celeste, I couldn't agree with you more! You have summed it up so well.

I do agree, about the personalities, 100%. Anyone who has ever had a pet will know that animals most certainly DO have individual personalities. While we may *interpret* them through our human sensibilities (it's called anthropomorphizing, when animals are assigned human qualities), I don't believe there's anything wrong with that. In fact, because these are wild animals, not domesticated pets, I think, in a way, we are learning more and seeing the true essence of the ospreys, because they are not imprinting or *learning* any human qualities, as our pets inevitably do. They are who they are and we -- all of us, through our own individual observations -- are seeing many of the same characteristics and traits, emerging as they grow and develop. I think, in fact, that the very fact that we ARE all noticing such distinctive personalities in the 3 chicks, is positive proof of something my mom used to tell me when I asked her how it was possible that my brother and I seemed to have absolutely nothing in common when we were both born to the same parents (and I noticed the same thing about my 2 cats, who were as opposite as day and night but were littermates). She told me that every living thing is individual, like the snowflakes, and even identical twins live separate lives, influenced by different things at different times. I believe that with all my heart, and I also do believe, as you say, Celeste, that this is true of ALL living creatures.

We have been very priviledged to witness this right here, before our eyes, a rare glimpse into nature that very few people will ever have......
Marie 08/01/04 09:35 am Well you beautifully you have captured the essence of OUR THREE and shared your observations. I do believe all creatures have individual personalities, and that we see this specifically in the way these three interact with each other. May they all survive and find a mate that compliments their unique personalities.
Shelley, in a moment of silliness.... 08/01/04 10:04 am Can you imagine a nestful of little CZ's??? The DPOF would have to provide earplugs to its viewers, and delivery of fish in 30 minutes or it's free.....(do you have that kind of pizza service slogan in the States and England? If not, then the joke is lost on you all and I apologize...;-p )
Marie 08/01/04 10:17 am Yes we used to out west Shelley, but haven't sen it advertised lately, but then I am not eating much PIZZA these days. Too much outdoor living till the sun goes down. In the heat of summer I find salads go down well later in the evening.

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