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Thread subject: Eaglet Update.
Name Date Message
Marie 08/01/04 10:59 pm I found one eaglet in the Elm tree feasting on a young gull chick when I arrived at noon. Not sure if it had caught it itself for the eaglet was on a limb of the tree instead of in the nest. Usually a parent drops the 'KILL' into the nest for the eaglets to feed from. The other eaglet who was way out on a channel marker when I arrived flew home and discovered what its sibling was doing in another part of the tree. At this point it promptly caused a scene. However, when it located its sibling in a secluded spot it didn't attempt to take the food away. Just whined and whined. A parent was close by watching and probably its presence prevented any aggression by the other eaglet. After a while the dead gull fell from the branch to the sand below, barely missing a family on the beach having their lunch. I smiled. So many people don't hear let alone SEE what is going on above their heads. After this event the two eaglets sat side by side for a while then flew out to an island close by to join one of its parents. Later this afternoon I could only locate one eaglet and it was practicing staying on a leafless branch while being harrassed by crows. It had to spread its wings for balance and hang on tight as it ducked and craned it's head around waiting for the next dive-bomb. The parents were side by side on a rock enjoying time away from the kids. Watching young eagles and ospreys is like watching children accomplish their milestones. Lots of fun and childish noises too. ;-)) Tomorrow after work I will go see the young ospreys.
cathy 08/02/04 12:45 am As you write, I often think of how you are in the same setting with many other people (such as the people having a picnic, or the people playing and watching a soccer game) and they oblivious to what you are seeing. You are seeing the drama of bird life and death. I often wonder what I am not seeing around me that is visible to others.

Often my husband exclaims "there's an osprey!", to others on the beach, when he sees one, . Most often the people only say "what?" or "OK", but clearly are not as excited as we are. I always wonder why that is, but I remember earlier in my life, I was more absorbed in other interests.

By the way, my husband and I are coming to Victoria and heading up to the San Juan and West Coast trail of Vancouver Island. I hope you will have an hour to show us the eaglets, or tell us where to look, and that we can find some mutually available time.
Marie 08/02/04 01:21 am Hey that is wonderful cathy, just let me know what day and when. I do work but am off after 1pm most days and usually W/E free. It would be great to see you. I am in the phone book, but will give you my phone number if you email me at, but I think we have shared e-mails before...yes?
cathy 08/02/04 01:25 am It will be in about the 2nd week of September - but I expect the birds will still be there. The ospreys leave here in October (last year LATE October). My email is We can make arrangement to meet closer to that time. Won't it be strange to meet someone who has just been a name and observations?
Celeste 08/02/04 05:26 am The east coast observers will "expect" a "travel log" on the message board in the Fall. Something to look forward too. And yes, Cathy, I always think the same thing when I marvel at some scenery or some wildlife I have seen. However, it does take a bit of time in this "life journey" to learn to "stop and smell the roses"! And, once again, thank you Marie for the update!
Cecilia 08/02/04 09:58 am Thanks usual your description paints a wonderful picture. But what happened when the dead gull fell out of the tree into onto the picnic?
Marie 08/02/04 07:22 pm Cecelia, the surprised family looked at me and I just laughed. I suggested that they move over from under the big tree so that they didn't get any more unwanted gifts from above. The two children looked at the object that fell from the skies and went 'YUCK' ! The family moved a little way away . I was happy and I am sure they were too. I then was able to show the children the Eaglets and one adult in the tree.
Jamie 08/04/04 09:24 am Marie, I just read your report on the eaglets and its lunch...I am laughing inside myself, just imagining the scene!!! How lucky you are to be so observant and to witness these things in life and how lucky for Cathy to get to meet you and actually SEE what you report to us on :-) Have a great time and yes, as Cecilia said, please report back on your observations!!! My husband and I are forever craning our necks to the sky for whatever we can see and peering into the woods, swamps for deer, moose, whatever we can find/see and telling our children, "LOOK, over there" and is amazing that most people are ignorant of things such as these...

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