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Thread subject: At Least 2 Ospreys Visible on Puget Sound
Name Date Message
cathy 08/02/04 11:56 am One is circling around, hunting. The other just flew over the houses in front of me with a fish as big as its body. They look like adults. Huge and brown. Now 2 are out there together. Perhaps one dropped off a fish to some chicks and came back. Or perhaps they are this year's chicks. They are expending alot of energy - flapping and diving, then pulling out. just before hitting the water. Its a gray day on Puget Sound, but I would expect it would be good for seeing fish.
cathy 08/02/04 02:44 pm 3 fish so far! The tide is out so, the beach is sandy, so the osprey circled and circled waiting for just the right moment. Several dives with last-second pull-outs, then it just dipped its talons in the water and came out with a fish. Then it flew low over the water toward a nearby park where its nest must be.
Cecilia 08/02/04 03:45 pm I can't imagine how you could work from home when you have so much going on just outside your window!!! I'm so jealous! How wonderful!
cathy 08/02/04 03:50 pm I had an hour-long telephone conference - much of it was just listening and occasionally taking notes. So I stood up and used my binoculars while my cell phone earphone and mic were hanging over my ear. I suppose I should focus entirely on one thing - but it was a special sight to be able to watch them fishing. I was imagining they were this year's chicks having great success at feeding themselves. I was trying to see if they had any speckles on their backs, but it was hard to determine.
Shelley 08/02/04 04:20 pm I hope you didn't *oooh* and *aahhhh* and say *OMG!!!* or *WOW!!!* in the wrong places.....;-)
Celeste 08/02/04 05:30 pm Once again, Cathy, do you need a "part-time" assistant?
Marie 08/02/04 11:15 pm cathy, that is so nice to see those ospreys right from your office window.I bet you see some fantastic shots. I know I would never get anywork done if I had that view. Lucky you. I have to drive across town to indulge my need for OSPREYS! This is exactly what I did late this afternoon. New thread coming.
cathy 08/03/04 05:39 pm Today there were 2 ospreys fishing in the morning - together. My guess is that they are adults with a nearby nest. This afternoon - one circling high above with a fish dangling - seemed like in no hurry to get home.

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