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Thread subject: Season Recap
Name Date Message
Dave S 08/02/04 07:50 pm If you have a special observation that you would like mentioned in my season recap, send an e-mail to me at I will be writing my commentary this week and will cut it off on August 10. Please try to be as specific as possible as to when the event occurred so that I can find it in the obs database. Comments and general thoughts will also be appreciated, although might not be used in the recap. Thank you all for all of your help and participation; hopefully we can all do it again next year!
Tiger 08/02/04 08:00 pm Two moments for me

Mon Jun 7 9:51 am

On a day when there were few enough fish Dennis took one back :(

and of course

2.20pm on Monday 5th July.

I guess everyone knows that time!

It had been a very wet morning that morning!

Celeste 08/02/04 08:14 pm Dave, will we know when this season is over whether or not the site will be open again next year? And as last year, will we have access to the site during the "off" season, particularly the message board and the archived videos?
Dave S 08/02/04 09:27 pm We are hoping to keep the site open all year, but the camera requires maintenance and will be shut off in the fall. If we have to shut down the site, we will give ample notice, but we don't want to do so as of now. You are all so good, just what we wanted for Dennis, so we will perserver as best we can!
Lori 08/02/04 10:42 pm Thanks Dave. I can't believe that summer is actually winding down. Kids will be going back to school and ospreys down south. It's been an excellant season. Empty nest syndrome is starting all over the place. hope you will be able to keep the message board open through the winter; we all did check in on each other during holidays and such.
Marie 08/03/04 01:30 am The task you are about to tackle seems overwhelming to me Dave. There were so many wonderful obs this season. Where does one begin. I wouldn't know where to start, however the one event that really will stay with me forever is the brave attempt of chick 4 who tried desperately to stay alive for 12 days. The nest behaviours seem to change after that event. I can't remember who posted that they had seen Betty and Dennis together alone in the nest recently enjoying their own company. That was nice to read. I will send you an email as you suggested before the 10th.
Celeste 08/03/04 05:25 am Thank you Dave. I have my fingers crossed!
Cecilia 08/03/04 07:24 am Let 'er rip Dave :-) You've been in the trenches with us all summer and have reviewed God knows how many hours of video to find scenes that we've asked for, so I trust that you have plenty of info to write the season wrap up.

There are a couple of extra things I would love to, how many people signed the guest book this year? Was there as much publicity about this cam this year as last year? (didn't seem like it) Does anybody live close enough to watch the nest from land? Does anyone check the pole after the season for structural soundness? Does the DPOF mind our annual naming of the chicks (and Betty & Dennis this year)? Does the DPOF have any plans for all of the data that has been amassed? And, do you think it might be possible to have two cameras at some point in the future? One focused close in on the nest and one set to view the nest from further back? (There is a site like of the eagle cams?)

I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I post this :-)
Shelley 08/03/04 08:45 am I can't think of any particular observations at the moment (other than the ones we've mentioned before) but if I do, I'll try to get them noted before your deadline. Thank you for that offer, Dave.

And for what it's worth, I sure HOPE no one at DPOF minds our naming the chicks. I do understand the objection, in general, by some people but quite honestly, aside from the *fun* factor, I think and truly believe that it actually makes observing and reporting our observations and thoughts SOOO much easier.

Not that I'm in any way comparing the scale or level of importance, but Jane Goodall named the chimps she began observing at Gombe, in Tanzania, in the early 1960's when she first began her lifelong study of chimpanzees, and if *naming* those wild creatures was good enough for her.....I can't see the harm in our doing so.

(Jane Goodall has been my real life hero for so long, I can barely remember NOT following her career. I've seen her speak and met her twice and to this day, I still wonder why the heck I went into teaching when doing what she did was ALWAYS a dream I harboured....)
Marie 08/03/04 10:22 am I once wanted to be an Astronomer, a Marine Biologist, and mostly an Acheologist in Egypt. It is amazing how we end up as something else.
cathy 08/03/04 02:04 pm Its never too late to be/do what you always wanted to be (well - almost anything you wanted).

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