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Thread subject: Werthiem/DPOF Intruders Update
Name Date Message
Mickey 08/03/04 08:38 pm Today was my 1st day in a while to have to myself(long story). I spent about 2 hours at each nest.The Werthiem nest has fledged its chicks. There was more nest activity here in and out of the nest then at DPOF. There was alot of in and out of the nest.Then just before I left I witnessed what we saw at the DPOF nest about 2 weeks ago. I saw 2 chicks standing tall in the nest yappin up a storm following what I assume was a adult Osprey.But it was deff a Osprey. The chicks were following the adult as it circled and then as it swooped in they ducked. It was sure loud ! Looking from below today and remembering what I saw at DPOF`s nest,Im now convinced the adult was teaching the chicks something. The lessons could of been anything so Im guessing. Sharpening reflexes, defending the nest,maybe the parent wanted a chick or chicks out of the nest,the swooping by the adult sure mimiced how it fishes or maybe as I said when I saw it weeks ago, maybe they were just playing. I just cant say why its being done.
When I got a spot to watch the DPOF nest sky,I counted 5 Osprey flying high and above. There was noises coming from the nest.Most likely at the circling Ospreys. These 2 nests are pretty close as the Osprey flys, so I wouldnt doubt that all these chicks go "terrorize" each others nests.2 hours at DPOF and maybe 15 minutes of "action".This was depressing.But we know the 3 DPOF chicks are way ahead of last years schedule. All in all it was a relaxing day on Osprey time.
Shelley 08/03/04 09:15 pm You are so lucky to be able to witness it at all, in person! I'm really jealous! Are they as loud in person as they are onscreen, lol!

Was it very hot? It's been stiflingly hot and humid here the last few days, but maybe, by the water, it's not so bad
Mickey 08/03/04 09:35 pm Onscreen is the loudest. Werthiem was semi loud when the adult was zoomin the chicks.Its been humid and hot here too. Today had a South wind and very big waves at the Ocean. Hurricain Alex is out there.
Marie 08/04/04 02:32 am Great work Mickey. It is great for you to see all the ospreys 'Go Live' How were the bugs? The insect life is really buzzing at night in the moonlight, when I check the nest on cam. I wonder if you could see spirit in the nest? It seems to me that he of all the chicks spends a lot of his day time hours visiting the nest. Bet it was a great visit Mickey and thanks for you update.
Celeste 08/04/04 05:18 am Thanks Mickey.....Yesterday for a brief moment while I was observing, I saw what I thought was either another chick and/or osprey swoop over the DPOF nest. Now that you "saw" it in person, we can imagine that it is like you said, either playing, teaching, or just being mischievous by surrounding osprey inhabitants. Like you said our weather has been horrid humidity wise, plus, you must have "seen" bugs big time!
Cecilia 08/04/04 08:38 am You were bold to brave the mosquitos :-) Thanks for the nest side view! You raise an interesting possibility...that since those two nests are close to each other it seems very likely that the chicks from one nest might visit or swoop around the other nest. That day that I watched the attacks (over and over as we all know, cringe) it did look like a speckled bird, not an adult osprey, when it got low enough on the screen to see part of the wings and tail. So maybe it's a form of "Osprey Tag" or "Rover, rover"... :-)
Celeste 08/04/04 09:18 am Good point Cecilia. Yes, in watching the video I too saw a speckled bird, but at the time, I didn't have confidence in what I glimpsed at. I agree, there are other nests at Werthheim, the juveniles really must fly all over the place not just above " A "nest. Also a while ago I had read that another species of bird joined an osprey gliding and flying in the sky as if they were playing. It was the osprey who finally broke away to get back to the business of fishing. Even our own backyard birds seem to have a sense of "play" if one takes time to observe them! Oh what will we do in the winter!
Mickey 08/04/04 10:02 am I prepared and sprayed myself and my clothes. I dont think I was clear in my 1st post. I can say without doubt that it was a osprey swooping the Werthiem chicks. Im just pretty sure it was a adult.
When I go to the DPOF nest I can only see the sky above the nest now. I can also see some trees that they rest in. If I back up 1/8 of a mile I can see the nest but posting obs wouldnt be accurate from there.So where I observe the DPOF nest from is blocked by the summers leaves.But on a positive note,several of the boat owners and I have had lunch so I feel welcomed to my quiet lil far away spot :) One man offered to introduce myself to the real Betty but I declined. I`d be lieing if I said I wouldnt want to observe closer but I dont want to impose.
cathy 08/04/04 10:21 am Good to have you back, Mickey. I watched a video clip from the Blackwater site that has an osprey buzzing the nest and mother and chicks getting upset. Its interesting to see this from a distance
Looked like an intruder - what the motivation was I don't know.
Celeste 08/04/04 10:22 am I think the fact that the man said that would mean that the real Betty would be touched to meet you. After all, it would only remind her of the legacy her husband hoped to leave and has achieved by meeting you! You should! And, of course tell us all about it!!!!!!
Celeste 08/04/04 10:23 am You could be our Ambassador of the observation board. (one last thought)!
Shelley 08/04/04 10:30 am I hope this question won't sound too ignorant but as one who doesn't live there and is not familiar with the area, I am a bit confused. I think I have heard this nest (or maybe just this area) being referred to as *Wertheim* and also, as *Brookhaven*. Are these names interchangeable, one and the same, or am I totally dazed and confused?
Dave S 08/04/04 11:13 am Hi Shelley,
Both of the nests that Mickey was reporting on are on Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge property. The DPOF nest is near a marina. The refuge is in the town of Brookhaven along Carmen's River.
Kathy 08/04/04 11:18 am Mickey, reconsider meeting the real Betty. Think, what a wonderful opportunity it would be for you and what an interesting conversation the two of you would have.
Shelley 08/04/04 11:51 am Thanks, Dave. That does explain things a bit more clearly for me.

Mickey, don't be shy!! (says I, who probably WOULD BE!!!) What a wonderful memory that would be for you to always have! Could you reconsider, and find this man to tell him you've changed your mind and would be honoured to meet the real Betty?!
Marie 08/04/04 11:41 pm Mickey, this is your chance...go for it.
Jay Jay 08/05/04 12:16 am Approximately two weeks ago, my friend and I were exploring in Brookhaven Hamlet and chanced upon the human Betty Puleston. We also were hesitant to intrude on her privacy but when we explained how we ended up where we were and our interest in the ospreys, she was more than inviting. She asked if we wanted to see the "birds". Of course our answer was yes. She took us on a tour of the property and we ended up in an old barn. She then opened a door to a small room and in front of us was a desk, with a window looking right out at our nest. She had a large closed circuit T.V. with direct hookup, not a computer. Betty is a woman of few words, but she talked about her life and gave us bits and pieces to put together. We chose not to mention this sooner, because we promised Betty we would not reveal her whereabouts, but after Mickey's post, I could not keep quiet any longer. We were surrounded by Dennis' books and photos and artwork, and we were rewarded with many Osprey feathers to take home, as Betty said, It's not like we don't have alot of these! The nest is huge! You really cannot get the proper perspective looking on the screen. It was an awesome experience, one I will cherish forever. Betty is a spry, tough, funny,lady. One to be admired. I wish to go back and "chat" some more, but want to respect her privacy. For my birthday, my friend got me a signed, numbered copy of Dennis' book, A Nature Journal! Only 300 in print. This has truly been an Osprey summer for me, and am now awaiting delivery of Dennis' other book, Blue Water Vagabond, printed in 1940 I believe.
Marie 08/05/04 12:26 am WOW, Jay Jay...thank you for sharing that! How very Special. What an experience and what a treasured memory. Lucky you!
Celeste 08/05/04 05:01 am Wow again.....thank you for sharing Jay Jay. I am in awe!
Shelley 08/05/04 06:26 am Oh, JayJay, what a memory!!! That is wonderful! Just curious, do you know if she views this cam at all, or *lurks* here on the message board? Or does she just visit her barn tv?

What a wonderful experience for you!! And feathers!!! You have feathers?!!! How big are they? WOWOWOWOWOW!! ;-)
Jay Jay 08/05/04 08:31 am Shelley, The feathers range from about 8 inches to 14 inches, are very stiff and range from a light putty grey to a dark pewter color. The view from Dennis' observation window in the barn is almost as good as the view from her T.V. I did not see a computer in that room, and to venture a guess I would say she does not have one. Mickey, please go back and allow yourself to be introduced. She was very gracious to us without any introduction. We spoke briefly about the marina, so she knows the men from there. Don't miss the opportunity, she is proud of her husband's legacy! I asked her if she knew the osprey parents were named Betty and Dennis, Her reply was, So they tell me! We spoke also about the music from her birthday party being picked up on the mic, her reply, I have one every year! A very special person indeed!
MO 08/05/04 09:03 am Jay-Jay,
Like Shelley stated, "WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW!!!
You are a lucky gal to have met Betty and also receiving "A Natural Journal", signed by Dennis!!!!
I tried to purchase the book at Borders, but they said it has been out of print for some time. I think you made a wise decision not to have this come forward out of respect for did you ever keep it from us for such a long time! Well, again Jay-Jay, thanks for sharing at the appropriate time.
I have been an observer, not a participant on the message board, but I couldn't hold back any longer. Thank You!
Kathy 08/05/04 09:11 am How lucky you are to have met the "real" Betty.
I'm sure it is a day you will never forget. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Cecilia 08/05/04 09:18 am How wonderful Jay were so lucky! I'm glad to hear that Betty didn't seem upset about the names we gave the birds...I had worried from the beginning that she might might not have liked that. And I'm really relieved to know that the nest is near enough that she would be able to tell if someone or something was trying to climb or disturb it.

Thanks so much for your lovely description of meeting her and seeing the barn. I'm sure we all wish we had been there too...but you have provided the next best thing!
Celeste 08/05/04 12:27 pm Thank you Jay Jay for more info. I am so glad that she knows that we named the parents after her and Dennis. It also sounds like she really must have gotten a "charge" about that. I was wondering about the osprey feathers and you answered that too! What a wonderful memory for you, --and now for us!
Grace 08/05/04 08:31 pm I have "A Nature Journal". It's one of my favorites, I did not know that the printing was so limited. Is there any way to tell what number it is? Jay Jay, thanks for sharing your experience. Mickey, you too. I've totally enjoyed your live reports....missed you recently.

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