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Thread subject: DEJA VU
Name Date Message
Marie 08/05/04 12:21 am When I arrived late at the nest site I found a fish had been just dropped off. My observation point is a raised part of the roadway that overlooks the ball park. At that point I am almost at the level of the nest. The Alpha chick was eating and SHE ate and ate. We thought we had Miss Piggy at Brookhaven...well let me tell you this female ate for 50 mins, non stop!. All on her own too. Meanwhile its sibling wined and wined. He assumed a very submissive stance and never once attempted to sneak a bite.No aggression seen either from the alpha chick. The hen just stood by patiently and never moved. The younger chick which appears to be male( no necklace and quite a bit smaller) paced around and around. Finally the alpha chick raised it's wings and this was the cue for the hen and the little one to move in. They ate for ten minutes only. The male had watched this from a snag close by. Interestingly, he stood on his RIGHT foot, when he wasn't chasing off a family of Ravens. When he finally decided to see what was left of the fish he uttered a call that seem to say." I am off to get another fish for I can see that one didn't feed everybody well." He took a fly-by -the -nest approach and then headed toward the golf course. There are some small ponds over there apaprently.
While I watched all this feeding activity I thought about OUR nest at Brookhaven and remembered the SOUNDS made by the young as they fed. It is so wonderful to have this knowledge. The alpha chick was so full all she did was drop down into the nest bowl after cleaning her bill. The reason for my visit was to have observed some flapping and lift-off activity. Not to be this time...
Celeste 08/05/04 04:59 am Yes it is wonderful after "learning" so much from watching the nest from this site, how knowledgeable one becomes when watching "live". It makes the experience so much more enriching. I applaud your ability to be on "osprey" time and to "stop and smell the roses". Sometimes we tend to get caught up with "life" and forget to just stop, look and listen.
Shelley 08/05/04 06:21 am Wow, Marie, that was wonderful reading. I felt I was right there with you. And yes, I couldn't agree more that this cam experience has greatly increased our knowledge in ways that nothing else can and of course, that has to increase *live* viewing, too (for those of us lucky enough to have that chance! ;-) The rest of us have to be content to live it vicariously...and I am!! Thanks! :-)

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