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Thread subject: Empty Nest Thoughts...
Name Date Message
Cecilia 08/05/04 09:42 am Don't you just hate turning on the cam and seeing only the grass blowing in the breeze and hearing only the wind :-( It reminds me of a movie...I can't remember the name but there was a soda bottle caught in a window blind cord and it was the end of the world. Cheery huh?

Of course, on one hand, I'm glad to see them out of the nest because I know that they are doing what they need to do...grow up, learn to fish, fly high in the thermals and adopt all of the adult osprey skills that they will need to migrate and survive. But my latent mothering instincts want them to stay in sight, be in bed early and call home regularly :-) I guess with both Mickey's direct line and Tim being one of the family we should hear from them more often this year :-)

We'll be taking off for vacation in a week or so, as I'm sure many of the rest of you will, and I know from last year that the chicks will be showing up less and less and that by the time we get back they will seem to be gone. I guess I feel like I'm saying good bye to them this week.

I was just wondering how many people are still watching at this point and thought I'd ask for everyone who's still around to post a hello...even all of you "lurkers" who have been too shy to join the board. Seeing Jay Jay's post this morning I realized that we hadn't heard form her in awhile and then I started thinking about some of the other people who seem to be missing in Fred W. (was he also "As the Crow Flies" ?), Matt, Jack, Fae, etc. I'm hoping that they are all fine, just off on vacations and caught up in work and obligations, but I'd love to know how they are doing.

So...pile on...let's hear from everyone who is still around!!!

And, as Shelley has immortalized...Group Hug :-) Cec
Celeste 08/05/04 12:37 pm Well said Cecilia. I was wondering about early posters that have not been on the board either lately. Yes, As the Crow Flies, was our resident poet, hope all is well. And if I remember correctly, Jack had volunteered to count birds at Werthheim. Hope all is well also. And yes we are definitely relying on Mickey for any communications from this years' chicks, plus an update on Liberty and Freedom from last year. Of course Matt and Fae, let us know that you are well. I second the thought that all the quiet observers post a "hello" too! Lori, Jamie, etc.

There is something about the month of August that is somewhat a melancholy time of the year. Though the weather is still warm, there is a feeling that Fall is around the corner, darker earlier, a bit of a "nip" in the air.... Also, it is any day now that Betty will start her migration. (let's keep our fingers crossed that there are no hurricanes when our osprey do fly), as they are predicting more hurricanes than usual this year. Actually a safe migration for all our visiting birds. An anticipated season quickly passed, and once again, we have a new set of osprey memories, increased knowledge, new friends, etc. Yes I do believe a "group hug" is in order!
Mickey 08/05/04 01:04 pm Go enjoy your Canada vacation Cecilia and just do everyone on the East Coast Power Grid a favor:


IMFALCO 08/05/04 01:16 pm STILL Watching - Just tuned in today, 09:45 PST and one fledgling on nest mantling over small prey,
then doing some food begging. I didn't realize they
kept using the site so long after fledging. Only the fledglings have been seen these past few weeks. Great site, and I hope to see it again next season.
We have quite a few nesting on cellular towers in Washington, in and around the Puget Sound.
Kathy 08/05/04 02:53 pm Cec, have a wonderful time in Canada, we will miss you. Mickey, wasn't Celeste the one that caused our power failure last year when she was in Canada? (Only kidding Celeste)
I was also wondering about, As the Crow Flies, Jack, Fae and Matt.
Celeste, I also remember Jack posting about counting birds at the Wertheim.
Mickey I will be waiting for your updates on Freedom, Liberty and now CZ, Peace and Spirit.
I would also love to see a message about, your meeting with Betty.

(((((Group Hug)))))
Cecilia 08/05/04 04:09 pm Mickey, we're going to the Adirondacks this year, not Canada...that's Celeste :-) And yes was Celeste who caused the power failure last year, not me:-) You have a very good memory!
Shelley 08/05/04 05:18 pm Whew!! So glad nobody's pointing a finger at ME!!!

(trying to look innocent and inconspicuous and just blend in with my surroundings....;-)
Shelley 08/05/04 05:19 pm Oh yes, Cecilia, have a great, too, Celeste...;-) ;-)
Marie 08/05/04 05:23 pm Have a great holiday Celeste. I just know you will. I also know I will miss those early morning postings that I always find when I turn on my computer at 6am. Thank you Celeste for keeping me up to date. ( perhaps now I will arrive at work a little earlier) It has been difficult to drag myself away from the computer these past three months...Oh well, this site beats morning report anyday...LOL...Take care and <<<<<<< Group Hug>>>>>>>>
Marie 08/05/04 05:31 pm Have a great holiday Celeste. I just know you will. I also know I will miss those early morning postings that I always find when I turn on my computer at 6am. Thank you Celeste for keeping me up to date. ( perhaps now I will arrive at work a little earlier) It has been difficult to drag myself away from the computer these past three months...Oh well, this site beats morning report anyday...LOL...Take care and <<<<<<< Group Hug>>>>>>>>
Marie 08/05/04 05:32 pm Whoops.......see my computer stores all those messages that I write and low and behold it shows up again. Sorry guys. I was searching for something in the 'BACK'.
Marie 08/05/04 05:34 pm time to close down this computer and go get my TALONS painted..... ;-)
See you all later.......
Celeste 08/05/04 06:40 pm Be very careful, I might just land on a power line near your home!!!!!!!
Celeste 08/05/04 07:10 pm Oh Marie I didn't mean my message above for just you, (just in case). It is for my New York friends! (ironically last year while I was in Canada, the Eastern Seaboard had a major outage....Presto, when I returned all was back to normal again! What "power" I have!
Kathy 08/05/04 08:32 pm Marie, Celeste figured since she was on vacation and couldn't view our Ospreys (no computer) she didn't want us to either and, POOF!!! we had a major power failure.
How's that for "power" LOL
Nancy L 08/05/04 08:39 pm I continue to "stay tuned" when I can. My husband & I will be off for a 3 week drive to the north-west U.S. Just looking at the scenery; maybe a little fly-fishing for him, while I read. We'll leave on 8/25 & I guess our family of birds will all be gone when we get back.
Marie 08/05/04 09:01 pm LOL so glad you clarified that message Celeste....I though it might be my painted Talons that lured you over..... ;-))I remember that power good coverage even in Canada.
Lori 08/06/04 12:07 am Dear Cecilia, Have a wonderful vacation. I'm sure I will still be here when you get back; I'm just not as vocal as the rest of you and most times it's after dark when I turn the computer on. I enjoy watching our birds and reading everyones OBS. Yes August is kinda meloncoly(I know that is spelled very wrong) As much as I love the fall; I just hate getting to it--- If that makes any sense! I will ask you for places to go early fall canoeing though when you get back from vacation. I need to do some serious hiking and get back to basics camping; to recharge my soul for the everyday stuff. Safe and wonderful trip for you and Dennis. Lori :-)

Of Course I love the rest of you too!!!!
Very tight Group Hug! :-))
Marie 08/06/04 12:44 am It seems that many of the 'posters' are heading off on vacation. I wish you all well and hope that you find the sunshine, rest and enjoyment that you all deserve. As our young ospreys discover their new horizons I do hope you find yours. Safe journey everyone and don't forget to smell the roses along the way.
Tay 08/06/04 05:45 am Hello All:) I never really postedmuch. This my first year here. But know that I was here ever day reading and watching:) I love it here. Im going to miss coming here every day to read your GREAT!! post and our babies:( I cant believe its time for themto leave already Seems like just yesterday I watched CZ hatching. You guys are all the greatest Ill miss you all I hope to be back next year.Hope to see you all here.

Take care and be safe all:)

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
-Anatole France
Marie 08/06/04 09:18 am What a beautiful quote TAY. Do hope we will see more of your posts. Welcome to the team. We have lots of fun here and it is certainly a great place to visit and linger awhile.
cathy 08/06/04 09:55 am Have a wonderful vacation and it will be good to read your observations of your experiences when you return.

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