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Thread subject: How Male Ospreys Mature
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/05/04 03:51 pm As some of you may know this is the 50th anniversary of the return of the osprey to Scotland.

The August issue of Bird Watching has a long article on the subject. Much of it is devoted to the legendary osprey name Ollie who reigned supreme at Loch Garten from 1990 to 2001.

What I was surprised to learn was that this legend was not at all good when he first appeared as a three year old in 1990.

He was not good at repelling rivals and not a great provider of fish for his family. He fed himself ok but both chicks in the nest died at the point of fledging. That may have been because he had not brought them enough to eat earlier on.

He seemed to learn from his mistakes. Two young were fledged under his care in 1991.

In 1993 he became a legend The female was lost. She was trailing fishing line. On one occasion she flew off with a tangled ball of line snagging her feet. She was never seen again.

At that point the chicks were two weeks old. At first Ollie continued to drop fish off at the nest and fly off. But sudenly he began to rip up the fish for the chicks. The fact that Ollie was a quick learner was a life saver for the chicks.

The following year Ollie paired off with a new female who soon became known as Olive.

Together they raised 18 young.

When Ollie failed to return in 2002 trouble began to brew.

Olive was unimpressed by the young toyboys who sought her favours.

This created something of a problem as no female could oust Olive and no young male was suitable as a mate.

Impasse. Eventually Olive gave up and flew away not to be seen again.

Then the now resident couple (Henry and EJ) moved in and are successfully raising three chicks.

As I may have noted before Ollie was legenadary for delivering 15 fish and mating 49 times in a day albeit not the same one!

Cecilia 08/05/04 04:12 pm Oh Tiger, what a great story. Thanks for taking the time to type all of that. I hope I can find that issue of Bird it a British or American publication?
Tiger 08/05/04 04:54 pm Oh that is just a short summary. The real article is much longer.

Also some great pictures.

It is a British magazine.

Marie 08/05/04 05:13 pm Thanks Tiger...we expect you to purchase a copy for all of us that 'Fill' this message board and mail directly to us...thanks in advance... ;-)) What a great story and what a wonderful pair of ospreys. Looks like the new residents are keeping up the impressive tradition. Perhaps there is 'magic' in that nest.
Shelley 08/05/04 05:14 pm Tiger, look in the first page or so of the magazine and see if they have an online edition. Sometimes magazines do, and they will reprint some of their better or more popular articles, although not always with the photos. But could you have a look? Thanks. These osprey are banded, am I remembering correctly?
Celeste 08/05/04 05:50 pm Thank you Tiger. The only word I can think of is Amazing!!!!!
Tiger 08/05/04 06:04 pm Shelley

This magazine does not seem to have a website. Unusual in the world of today.

Marie. I will see what I can do!

Mickey 08/05/04 06:14 pm Maybe you can scan the article and then upload it to where your picture was?
Tiger 08/05/04 06:16 pm Yes Mickey I was thinking along those lines :)

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