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Thread subject: New Commentary
Name Date Message
Tom T 08/05/04 11:24 pm A commentary from Marilyn Abbey for August 6 has been posted. Please visit the "Commentary" link on the left menu.
Lori 08/06/04 12:23 am Stories like Marilyn's make me very glad to be alive during this time and where in the world.
Marie 08/06/04 12:54 am Amazing commentary. One nest C11 had FOUR CHICKS...imagine that! So it can be done.WOW. What a challenge for the parents of that nest. Thank you for this information, Tom.
Celeste 08/06/04 05:30 am Thank you Marilyn. I always love what you write. I hope you "peek" at our observations and messages from time to time as you did last year. Our enthusiasm for this wonderful bird grows all the time, and we are always "hungry" for information. Thank you again!
Shelley 08/06/04 07:05 am Excellent to read this and so amazing and encouraging to see that chart! Just 10 years! What a turnaround!
Cecilia 08/06/04 08:49 am Marilyn's stories always make me tear up :-) How wonderful it is that they were able to successfully reintroduce ospreys to that area and now she has her very own nest pole to watch right out side the back door. Dennis Puleston has to be smiling in heaven! In a world full of bleak environmental news it's so encouraging that a handful of dedicated people made such a difference! DPOF, please let Marilyn know how much we appreciate her contribution and comments!
Marilyn & Dennis 08/06/04 10:37 am Dear Lori, Marie, Celeste, Shelley, Cecilia, Tom T, Tom L, DPOF and visitors,
Thank you for the kind comments and for your much needed support. It is people like you who inspire all of us to keep watch over the world that Dennis Puleston loved. Now we have a new friend, Theresa Reynolds, a young biologist who is continuing to monitor the nests at THC Lakes for the '04 season. She gave us the welcome news that one of our 1994 birds is still raising young of his own at THC.
We also have a pair of bald eagles who raised two young last year and two more this year at THC (without help).
Credit goes to my husband, Dennis Abbey, for the photo of "our" 3 osprey chicks which accompanied the commentary and for being at my side for many of these adventures.
Kathy 08/06/04 02:24 pm Dear Marilyn and Dennis,
What an honor to have you contribute to our message board and for your amazing commentary.
Marilyn & Dennis 08/06/04 11:10 pm Kathy, we started just as volunteers for the osprey reintroduction project at THC Lakes. We were lucky to have Dennis P to guide us as we learned "on the fly" :-) Thanks to all of you who observe so diligently and send your interesting comments. The two of us have learned lots from all of you.
Marie 08/06/04 11:14 pm Thank you, Marilyn for your suggestion to us to read the commentary of 2003. I have gleaned much interesting info over the past hour from such reading. I have also just returned from a two hour stint at 'My opsrey Nest' .I watched the behaviours and they were different and intriguing this late afternoon.
Celeste 08/07/04 11:05 am It really "makes me smile" thinking that someone like you who has met the "real" Dennis is learning from us. One of my "life highlights" is the introduction to this site last year, "meeting" so many lovely people, and the opportunity to learn about this wonderful bird.
Marie 08/07/04 07:18 pm Me too Celeste, me too. This has been one of the best four months ever. I sport a great tan this year due to all my outside OBS of the eagles and ospreys. Also my tired legs over the past four months have had more rest sitting here at the computer for hours. Although I haven't seen the eaglets for five days now, I am sure they are around somewhere for their parents are still here.. A picture emerges as more times than not, I see nothing in the Brookhaven nest when I switch on. EMPTY NEST SYNDROME is definitely here. ;-(
Marilyn & Dennis A. 08/08/04 08:23 am There is a ton of information from the 2003~2004 DPOF web site as well as from our visiting observers....Marie's comparison was very interesting. I also like when people tell us where they are from. The comments from Luc from Canada were amazing and I learned a lot from this rehabilitator. There are also some good personal stories from people who knew Dennis P. in the Postmorrow newsletter at a link on this website.
Cecilia 08/08/04 09:13 am Dear Marilyn & Dennis,

I so appreciate the chance to tell you in person (well, internet style) how exciting it has been to read your commentaries about reintroducing ospreys to the T-H-C area! How nice of you to take the time to join this board for awhile.

We've been enthralled the last couple of days by the sudden appearance of Luc, in Canada. If I understand your last post it sounds like you know him? That's so wonderful...that there has been a connection between osprey rehabilitators in various parts of the world.

You're the one who should write a book! You have all those memories and such a great way with words. And now you have a platform that you can watch from the comfort of your home :-) You could tell the story of the
T-H-C program...all the problems, the politics, the agony and passion that went into what became a marvelous success! I hope you are thinking
about it! There's no doubt that you would have a built-in fan base right here. Maybe over the winter, when we're all missing our osprey family, you could try out a few chapters on us :-) Regards, Cecilia

Celeste 08/08/04 11:10 am I second Cecilia's thoughts Marilyn. It is thrilling knowing first of all that you read our comments. Did you notice in the beginning of the season our online "course of Osprey 101" that Cecilia and I gave?! We are so "hungry" for any information. I think she and I exhausted the "library and the internet as a source". And, as Tiger from Scotland has indicated, this live cam may have "rewritten" some thoughts about osprey behavior. I know that Cecilia mentioned that David Gessner, the author of "Return of the Osprey" was surprised about the feeding of the 4th chick this season. Anything that you have observed from your own nest and your experiences, written on our message board would be so much enjoyed by all of us. So much to little time!!!!!

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