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Thread subject: OSPREY connection.
Name Date Message
Marie 08/07/04 02:05 am It had rained most of the day but by 3pm the weather improved. Although there were some very heavy grey clouds around, I decided to head over to the osprey nest. Sparodic glimpses of blue sky above brightened my day. A moderate wind was up that afforded a little 'LIFT' for flight. I found the two young chicks actively flapping above the nest when I arrived. Before long each chick left the nest. Perhaps they had been flying a day or two before as this seemed strange to have both fly on the same day.(Perhaps it isn't) They circled the ball park and then flew to different lamp poles. The female was standing on a snag close by. The male arrived with a twig which caused the younger one, the male, to fly into the nest in anticipation of food. Eye sight must be poor to confuse a stick with a fish! The male stayed only for a short while in the nest, adding his stick to a roughly designed nest. He then took off for something better to offer the family. He was only gone 30 mins and returned with a fish in his, guess what??? Right Talon. At this time, the older female chick remained on her light pole away from the nest as did the female adult osprey. What happened next was interesting. The adult male osprey called to his mate but she didn't join him in the nest. She remained on her perch. Obviously, despite the calls of the young male in the nest the Dad wasn't about to start feeding. This wasn't ONE of the adult Males that feed his own chicks!!! So he flew away with the fish up to his high perch. There he yelled at his mate and she yelled back. Incidently where did I see the fish? It remained in his Right Foot...;-). After a while the adults became quiet. The young female just stood on her light and didn't move while the young male flopped down into the nest. I am not sure what was going on? Eventually the chick in the nest flew off to another lamp pole(Flood lights). Nothing occured for ten miutes so I thought I would drive away and return 15 mins later. I did just that, and all the birds were still standing in the places I had seen them earlier.I have no idea what the female was trying to teach her chicks. I felt sure the Adult male was as surprised as I was. Any ideas.???
Celeste 08/07/04 06:09 am Do you think her instincts were for her chicks to start learning to eat on their own now that they had fledged? Is she a "first time mother", hence not enough experience?. So many different behaviors to understand aren't there?!
Marie 08/08/04 12:46 pm Yes Celeste...just when one thinks one has OSPREY SPEAK down pat along comes another behaviour with different sounds. My female here has a most unusaul ending to some of her calls. It is like an INSECT series of two or three chirps, really odd. I think cicada type clicks. They are definitely coming from her. Went to see them yesterday for a while. One of the chicks flew to a large power pole. Gave me a real scare. The female and other chick remained in the nest calling for food. Dad didn't come in with a fish which was disappointing since I stood around waiting for two hours. Nice evning though, and out of the woods strolled two young deer so that was nice as they stood looking at me for sometime.

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