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Thread subject: Orca-Live Site I Go To
Name Date Message
Tay 08/07/04 02:35 am Hello All, Our babies are growing up and away soon. Here is a site I go to called Orca-Live. It has livefeed of Orcas and underwater It is really neat. I just thought maybe some of you might want to check it out now that we are going to be empty nesters:(
Tay 08/07/04 02:37 am OOOpppSSS1!!!! I guess it would help if I included the linklol! Sorry!!!
Celeste 08/07/04 06:07 am Thank you Tay, I have "saved" the site. It looks very interesting!
Marie 08/07/04 09:45 am I will definitely be going there when all my nest obs stop for this season. Thank you Tay. I believe Pam spends lots of time at that site.
Pam 08/07/04 05:11 pm You COULD say that Marie !!!! Hi Tay !!!!!
Tay 08/08/04 01:45 am Hi Pam!!! :) What a small world this is lol!!!! You know now that I think about it I think I came across the osprey site from somebody posting it on OL HHmmm!!! Now IM wondering if it was you LOL!!!! IM betting it was lol!!! I had talked to you once on WW about the osprey too When we were all wondering if #4 was going to make it or not. And seen PICS you put on there of them I remember that now lol!!! I just love OL I was sooo!! glad when it came back on. I love this osprey site too. I been here from the mating period until now. I just loved watching and listening to them raising the chicks, and watching the chicks grow up into beautiful birds When I first was reading stuff from last year and seeing the how they can be mean to each other well to us it seems mean But its just the way of nature Its not always nice and easy But I wasn't sure I could watch But other then poor #4 its been great I have loved every min of it. IM loving OL too lol!!! I love them all what can I say lol!!! and Marie I agree with and was thinking the very same thing Shelly said about you writing a book You should look into it. You really have away with words Makes people want more:) Sorry for the long post:)
Marie 08/08/04 02:32 am Thanks Tay, you are most kind. I too found Orca Live this evening and sat listening to the orca sounds beneath the ocean. WONDERFUL. I loved the undersea fishes swimming around. I can see I will enjoy this live cam too in the next little while. One adventure leads to another...there is no end to learning about NATURE.

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