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Thread subject: Eagles are hiding!
Name Date Message
Marie 08/07/04 02:40 am I took a late evening walk along the beach tonight in hopes of finding the Eaglets.There wasn't a breath of wind to stir the air. The sea was calmly lapping at the waters edge. It was so peaceful as the setting sun turned the western sky into glorious colours of gold and orange. No sign of eagles anywhere...;-(( Instead, I was priviledged to witness loving gestures of affection between a mother seal and her young pup.They played approximatey 20 feet from the shore. I was so entranced by their behaviour that I sat on the beach and watched for a while. The mother would arch her head back and the little one would swim close to her head from behind and they would appear to be KISSING each other. I have never seen this kind of behaviour before. they were enjoying the moment and everything appeared in slow motion. Small fish would rise above the water as these two submerged and returned to the surface. At times they would look at me with these huge liquid dark eyes.I find it AWESOME when a wild creature notices ME and looks right at feel a real connection. They seemed to be as curious about me as I was about them. After a while I left them for they glided off into the greyness of the sea. Their shiny bodies reflecting the last of the daylight. I continued my walk with the company of cottontail rabbits at my feet. At this point I had moved away from the beach and was climbing a short incline. As the light faded, overhead, four small BATS cavorted in their familiar fashion while they captured their protein for the night. I returned to my car and thought how special my walk had been this evening, even without My Eagles.
Celeste 08/07/04 06:02 am Marie you are a great example for all of us to "stop and smell those roses", and you are certainly rewarded. I could have watched those seals all night. I have never seen anything like that except in aquariums or television. How wonderful! Once again, thank you for sharing.
Shelley 08/07/04 07:28 am Marie, have you ever thought of writing a book? Your descriptions of your evening beach strolls are so enchanting, so vivid, you really do draw us in and we feel as if we are there with's a wonderful gift you have, you know...
Marie 08/07/04 09:43 am Thank you Celeste and Shelley. I just love to share these special and truly wonderful experiences with you all. As for writing, I do believe anyone can just have to feel PASSIONATE about the subject, and not be afraid to write what you FEEL. How would I ever sit still long enough to write more than a page. ;-)) It would have to rain for forty days and forty nights.
I forgot to include that the little seal would lie on its back and clap its little flippers together with such glee that he really looked like he was so thrilled with his environment. He was truly Alive. Reminded me of a Sea Otter's behaviour. There was also another happening too when on my way home. By this time it was dusk. A young Gull chick had taken its first flight off the roof of a house and landed on the driveway. A lot of gulls here nest on people's roofs. It was calling softly and wandering aimelessly up and down the driveway while its mother would answer it from her seated position on the peaked roof. She wasn't worried so I just watched for awhile. Perhaps it was exploring its new world down on the ground. So much to do, so much to see..........
Pam 08/07/04 05:09 pm Marie thank you for that lovely report of your evening walk. It's funny you should remark on that 'kissing' behaviour because I observed the same on the Race Rocks cam (which unfortunately is down for repairs at present). I don't know if I got a capture of that particular moment but if I have I will send it to you. I expect the bats will be out in our garden tonight - it is very very warm and there are myriads of insects about. We have been pestered by swarms of hover flies which have come over on the winds from the continent - fortunately they are harmless and don't sting. Will be off the computer for a week from tomorrow, so hope the ospreys are still around when I look in again.
Marie 08/07/04 07:09 pm Ah Pam, thanks for your email with all the pics of those creatures I described on my walk last evening. Made me smile BIG -TIME. Have a great holiday in Cornwall. Very pretty down there. We will miss you...I am not going away till end of Sept so will continue to watch our ospreys. Have three lots of company coming into town the last two weeks of August.I will be busy but will still watch the birds for two are avid bird watchers... ;-))
Marie 08/08/04 11:03 pm Only one juvenile Eagle was seen today at 5.30 am. Not by Me I might add. I slept in for once.
I had suggested to one of the many 'worried folk' that have 'FALLEN' for this celebrated eagle family, that he might see one of the eaglets at first light in the morning. Sure enough he saw one flying out to one of the islands...made his day and relieved his anxiety as to what had become of them. I haven't seen any for four days now, although I have a feeling that mother took her eaglets on a NIGHT-RAID last night. By midnight there was an alarm call from the gull population close by that signalled something awfull was happening. I suspect two little chicks are no longer accounted for on the roof of the local sea food restaurant at the Marina today! nature has 'HER' moments.

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