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Thread subject: Checked the 2003 Season
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/08/04 05:41 am Decided to look back at our observations at this time of the year last year. Last year's chicks fledged later in July (July 16th) than this year's chicks. We had a horrid wet spring. Anyways, by early September there were no observations with the chicks in the nest. I have read that once the chicks learn to fish for themselves, they do not return to the nest anymore looking for "free meals".
As is this year, there were sightings up until mid-late August, (excluding the power outage I arranged while I was away)......I would expect since our chick have fledged earlier, the nest will be empty earlier. Any day now, Betty will start her migration, as the females leave first. Right now New York's weather "feels" like early September, temperatures dropping at night in the 60's and 70's during the day. As we know, Dennis will leave next, and our chicks will be "very confused" for a week or so, until that "instinct" to leave "kicks" in. In the early days of migration, the different species of birds who are migrating will "mingle" if one is lucky to witness it. Must be awesome! It's time to play the "Winged Migration CD"!
Shelley 08/08/04 06:52 am I'm going to try something. I tried to post under the above post, of osprey i mages but it kept asking me for a title/subject and I wasn't able to post. Here's what I was trying to post (if it works, I apologize for it being under the wrong post)

Shelley 08/08/04 06:54 am Sure, go figure.

Anyhow, I am bracing myself for the *empty nest* syndrome. It will probably be just as well. Once I have to go back to school, it would have been hard to be as attentive here if they were still here (how selfish! ;-))

It's been such a wonderful season and not just because it's my first!
Cecilia 08/08/04 09:25 am It has seemed to me that we've seen way more of CZ this year than we did of any of the chicks after they fledged last year :-) I've been worrying about how she just hangs around waiting to get fed so I'm glad to see that she's finally getting out there. I have the cam on now because I have gotten so fond of hearing the sounds of the wetland, even the geese and especially "your" rooster :-).
Marie 08/08/04 11:50 am Ohhhhhh
Winged Migration sound track will be our LAMENT. LOL...I played a lot yesterday evening......with tears in my eyes

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