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Thread subject: Departing Ospreys
Name Date Message
Ann 08/08/04 05:57 am
Hi Guys and Gals just wondering if the Ospreys are still around, only last few times I have looked at Cam the nest has been empty.

What a fabulous site thank you to Tiger for telling me about it only wish I had know him sooner. I am an Osprey addict.

I live in Lancashire England and visit the Ospreys at Lake Bassenthwaite in the Lake District but their nest is very remote and does not have a camera as close or as fabulous as this one. All the times I have visited ours I have never once seen one of the birds only on the huge video screen they have in the video centre (when the camera is working, often not due to bad weather and rodents chewing the cables).

Please if you can I would like to know the best time of day for a chance to see the birds again (if they have not left already).

Your message board is fabulous I am learning a lot and you all seem a real friendly lot. Hugs and kisses all round.

Shelley 08/08/04 06:34 am Welcome, Ann! You are the second new person in 2 days, what fun!! It's never too late, lol!

Our ospreys are still here although since they have fledged, they are busy going to *class* to learn all their lessons before they migrate, and as such, only hang around home occasionally! If you have alot of time on your hands, you can learn a lot about them (and I mean alot; we are a very chatty bunch, heehee) by reading this board. The numbers at the bottom of this page indicate the past pages of this message board (the newest messages here appear at the top and those at the bottom disappear in those archived pages, number 1 being the most recent). Also, you can see some terrific footage of video clips by clicking on *highlight clips* in the menu at the left. The *Observation database* link takes you to the page where we have made live observations of goings-on

A brief snapshot of our wonderful little (feathered) family:

CZ (short for Chickzilla) hatched first, fledged last, is the most vocal and eats like a pig. She is the one you will most likely hear and see in the nest.

Peace, second born, is quiet, calm and well-suited to her name. We have noticed, through our observations, that these 2 have a *necklace* of a slightly darker patch of feathers on their upper chest, distinguishing them as females, from the one male,

Spirit, third and last born, first to fledge! (actually, there was a fourth hatchling but sadly, he did not survive long) He, too, has a most appropriate name, as it was his indomitable spirit that has allowed him to survive and thrive!

As for when best to catch them, that's hard to say. I'd say early morning but they are not that predictable. If you keep your speakers on, though, you will surely be alerted by CZ. Often, they perch above the nest on the cam arm so that the nest appears to shake and although you can't see them, you'll hear them.

Welcome, again, and hope you stick around!
Cecilia 08/08/04 09:19 am Shelley did such a good job that I can only add my... hello and welcome! Oh, and one suggestion for the best times of day to catch a bird in the nest...One of them, CZ, tends to come back to the nest at what became fairly regular meal times...around noon and again in the late afternoon. Also, Celeste, our early bird poster, almost always saw them in the morning until just the last few days. I hope you get a chance to see them before they take off!
Tiger 08/08/04 09:28 am Hi Anne

Welcome. I am wondering just where I left the link that brought you here??

Celeste 08/08/04 09:35 am Welcome Ann....Can't add a thing to Shelley's suggestions. Please watch the archived videos to get a sense of "this year's chicks". Hopefully, this cam will have a 3rd year next year. Start checking late February-early March. Explore the "home" part of the site, in honor of Dennis Puleston who was a well-know naturalist. His influence helped ban DDT in this area so that ospreys could once again flourish. It is in his memory and in honor of his wife that we name the osprey parents Dennis and Betty. Late afternoon these days the osprey make appearances, though in recent days they are far and few between. The oldest chick (the one who screeches the loudest) usually is on the big branch in the nest! Also, some of us regulars continue to post here and there on the message board throughout the winter. We are all a unique, wonderful bunch if I say so myself!
Shelley 08/08/04 10:17 am One other thing, Ann. The times mentioned here, and that are stamped on the cam, are local times (Eastern Standard Time) to the east coast of North America. Adjust accordingly. Tiger tells me that you are 5 hours ahead (later) in England than we are here. Marie, on the west coast of Canada, is 3 hours earlier than we are. Just fyi...
Marie 08/08/04 11:46 am Hi Shelley, your welcome for Ann and all those others introductions are complete, so little more I can say, except WELL DONE. Slept in today so am a little later viewing but I did get to see TWO juveniles in the nest five minutes ago. I just thought I'd mention Re; time difference. I am actually three hours later than those wonderful folk out east and 8 hrs difference( later) to Tiger in London.In other words I am always 'Behind the times!' ;-)
Ann 08/08/04 12:47 pm
Thank you all for your welcomes. Have been watching the cam for a few weeks, then had trouble with my PC and on return found an empty nest. Don't worry have saved it in my favourites for next year.

Will be able to pass away the wet miserable hours here (not for a while yet I hope) reading every page on the site as well as looking at all the photographs.

TIGER you gave me the link on the BirdForum Birds of Prey page (thought it was just a WebCam) didn't realise there were all these wonderful people and lots of information ( I love reading, literally anything) but as I told you before this is the best site yet. Will now go and check the Storks that nest was also empty about 10.00 GMT.

Bye for now.
Tiger 08/08/04 02:11 pm Oh yes I have only found the BirdForum in recent times. It is very good.

If you want to follow the fortunes of British Ospreys you might like to visit my own fledgling forum.

Tiger 08/08/04 02:14 pm The BirdForum which has got more than 12,000 members is at:
Shelley 08/08/04 04:05 pm Your own *fledgling* forum....very nice, Tiger. I will add that one to my now immortalized (and ever-growing!) list of bird expressions in English... ;-)

Tiger 08/08/04 08:11 pm Thank you Shelley! I am not a natural wordsmith :)

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