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Thread subject: Jack-DPOF has a question
Name Date Message
Kathy 04/15/04 05:11 pm On the highlight clip of the arrival of the 4th egg. The DPOF is asking if anyone can identify the animal that is running up the clearing.
Your 3:37PM observation about seeing a fox,is probably the answer to their question.
Cecilia 04/15/04 06:23 pm I just looked at the clip (thanks for letting us know it was there) and it looks like it could be a fox...or a big rabbit :-) We're seeing many more rabbits in the wetlands these days, since so many of the foxes died of a flesh eating kind of mange, but maybe the fox population is recovering at Wertheim. I vote for fox!
Matt 04/15/04 07:07 pm Definitely not a rabbit. This animal has a long tail. I think it is a fox. Though if it is a red fox, its color is not really showing up well. A gray fox perhaps? The one major thing it is doing is its not walking or running, but rather a fast walk where it looks like its hopping. So rule out the rabbit because of the long tail. Rule out the raccoon because i've never seen one hop like that. That leaves a gray or a red fox. Though red fox's have a silver phase, black with silver tipped hairs. Very hard to determine from so high up and he is not in focus.
Jack 04/15/04 08:21 pm I saw the 4th egg clip and it was a fox....but I thought we knew that....He or she probably lives in the area...and uses that clearing on a regular basis. If anybody hopes to see him you pretty much have to concentrate on the clearing while you're viewing the webcam. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a deer or turkey walk by also
Matt 04/15/04 08:26 pm Jack, in the archived still pictures, week of March 14th, the picture at "March 18 16:25 2004" shows a deer on the dirt road at the top of the picture.
Tim 04/15/04 10:46 pm Having looked at this clip several times in large format and stop sequence, I'm looking more at the movement of the animal. Im more inclined to say rabbit. Because you can see it grazing at first then it walks, seems to be startled and thumps it's rear legs and spins as a rabbit scared would. Then it exits into the grassy knoll in a more hopping fashon. Fox would have a darker head and less white would be visible from a top view Fox are shedding their winter coat now and look shabby and matted and it's gate is more steady,less jittery.
Jack 04/15/04 11:20 pm Tim, I suggest you really take a good look at that clip. When the animal first appears at the bottom of the screen you can detect its foxy(red) coloring. My guess is that we are seeing it at between 80 and 150 feet away...consider the size. And as far as its movements.....I would wager next month's paycheck that it is a Red Fox. It's full bushy tail is obvious as it moves across the trail from right to left. In addition...that is the exact location that I saw the fox in this afternoon... except it was moving from left to right.....and ....It was a fox.

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