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Thread subject: When Fish Fight Back
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/08/04 02:17 pm Over at the bird forum there is a thread entitled "When Prey Fight Back"

I guess that means fish here. One of the reasons given for the male eating the head of the fish is to ensure it does not fight back.

Are there are stories of fish fighting back and at least causing damage?

Shelley 08/08/04 04:03 pm I don't know of any specific stories but we have seen here on more than one occasion, especially when the chicks were younger, that occasionally dinner was a *lively* catch! I can remember (and it may have been captured on some video clip at some point though I couldn't say for sure) that a flapping tail had startled the chicks and made getting down to business, a bit more difficult! IF this had happened when the chicks were very small and more fragile, I can easily imagine that it could cause damage, although the osprey are such good and experienced parents, that I doubt they would place it in the nest in such a way as to endanger newborn chicks

I do wonder, though, what stories might be out there, as regards to prey other than fish...
Tiger 08/08/04 04:15 pm For some reason I am reminded of a story told to me manyyears ago by someone who had seen an attack by a magpie on a small bird's nest on nearby Hampstead Heath.

He was saying that the parent bird had put up heroic resistance.

I was expecting to hear that the magpie was driven off.

But no.....the magpie carried on regardless.......

Some stories have unexpected endings!

Ann 08/08/04 04:31 pm Another one from Birdforum briefly.

A Sparrowhawk was chasing a Sparrow when Sparrow turned round and and chased Sparrowhawk (I thought it must be a juvenile one and didn't know the danger it was in). Sparrowhawk flew off, Sparrow unharmed.

Had a good laugh at that one, wish I had seen it although I have a soft spot for all Birds of Prey, they have to eat after all.
Dave S 08/08/04 07:04 pm Although it is not agressive behavior, there is a clip from last year in the 2003 archives entitled "Breakfast escapes (5/19/03)". A very alive flounder gets away but to what end!
Tiger 08/08/04 07:07 pm Yes fish are a bit of a disadvantage because getting away is not necessarily a passport to freedom.

Marie 08/08/04 09:51 pm Adding my littel story from the Christmas Bird Count last DEC 2003. It was observed that our tiny Anna's Hummingbird, that used to migrate out of BC and now stays here thru' the balmy winter( not always...we get SNOW some years) was seen to chase after a Cooper's Hawk which is many times bigger than a 4 inch Hummer. These hummers have more brawn than brain and will take on large preditor birds, just to annoy them. Any way the Cooper's Hawk flew off with this tiny bird chasing it. AMAZING.

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