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Thread subject: OOH AAH! Osprey Chicks.
Name Date Message
Marie 08/08/04 10:50 pm When I arrived early this afternoon, the nest was empty. The sun was blazing hot in a aqua blue sky. No ospreys were to be seen. I almost packed up and left but luckily a juvenile started to call from the woods so that caught my attention. Glad I stayed for the juveniles flew over me and around the nest site several times. Eventually they landed on separate poles. The hen wasn't around...I found a sign that said 'Gone -fishing', so the kids were left alone to discover their new world. They did take advantage or every high perch and snag available to them. My camera was on overload! Eventually MOM flew in with FOOD. It appeared that she dropped off something to one of the juveniles(female) on a low post...who then held it in it's RIGHT foot. ;-)...This object looked like a partial red fish, then she flew straight over to the nest. Here the 'HUNGRY-MAN' was demanding his share. It was while the hen was in the nest I saw a little silver fish given over to the young who was trying to swallowed it whole. It didn't quite work but he tried anyway, over and over again. Now the question is...did the female arrive with two fish?One in each Talon, or did the adult male sneak in with a fish to the female juvenile on a post when I wasn't looking. I spent most of my time, once the fish arrived, close to the first hungry mouth feeding itself. This was such a photo-op! So much happens and so quickly too, that I wonder at times what really went on. All I know was that each juvenile had something different( colourwise) to eat at much the same time. I remember Tiger posting a picture of an OSPREY carrying two fish, one in each talon. Did I see double today? Not sure what I saw...LOL Hope I captured something on film!!!
cathy 08/08/04 11:04 pm I hope we will be able to see these famous ospreys on the web - or you will tell us what the photos look like (maybe better, given your graphic descriptions). Once again - thanks for extending our experiences through your eyes. I haven't seen the ospreys over Puget Sound for a couple of days. Only once or twice have they been close enough to observe which foot holds the fish.
Celeste 08/09/04 04:48 am Thank you once again Marie. Hope your photos come through. Do the ospreys in your area migrate later than Aug/Sept?
Cecilia 08/09/04 08:42 am I hope you got a picture of the one trying to swallow a whole fish :-) I can't remember if you set up a site for your photos the last time you had a good batch...if not, Mickey might be able to help and if he's not around I might be able to figure out how he signed me up for the "Picture Trail"...either way...we'd love to see your photos.
Marie 08/09/04 09:47 am As far as I know , Celeste, the Ospreys migrate in September here for I have seen a few during the Hawk Watch that we do in the middle of September. Perhaps a few have moved off before then for we don't see that many at that time. This year I will pay more attantion.

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