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Thread subject: Interesting Osprey Article written by a Journalist
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/09/04 12:48 pm

In doing a general search of electrical companies getting involved with helping the osprey, I came across the above article. What I enjoyed about it is his many references to Gessner's book. Especially for those of you have hesitated to read it, the excerpts he chose I think are a great advertisement for this book.

The following is a quote from the journalist whose job it was to "observe osprey nests".....

It is hard not to love osprey. In so many ways they are like us. They mate for life. They have a sense of home that they come back to again and again. They are resilient.

and the following.........from Gessner's book
Gessner promises early on in Return of the Osprey that heâll try not to anthropomorphize, that is, assign human characteristics to the birds. But he canât help himself. In describing the mother feeding her young, he translates her actions as tenderness, âIf the tearing of the fish is savage, the feeding itself is the most gentle, loving act: She reaches down with a bill more delicate than a debutanteâs pinky finger and places the torn morsel into her childâs mouth.â Gessner has even tried to become like the birds, not only tearing into raw fish with his hands but climbing into a deserted nest, catching the wind on outstretched arms.

A while back on the message board we ourselves discussed how we felt that the osprey had "human" characteristics. Anyways, interesting reading........hope you enjoy.
Marie 08/09/04 10:18 pm Thank you Celest for posting this lovely article. Sure enjoyed the content. Not sure if I agree with Martha Blume that three chicks was the norm. Looking at Marilyn's chart in one of her recent messages on the nestlings over a period of ten years it looked like two chicks was the average. I loved how she used many quotes from 'Return of the Osprey,' by David Gessner. I also loved how she identified what I have begun to appreciate and understand, and that is, life as an OSPREY is very much a ' waiting game/exhistance.'. I have waited hours at my nest site in hope of something happening! Usually something does, but patience is a MUST when one watches birds.

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