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Thread subject: Tiger's 'FLEDGLING FORUM'
Name Date Message
Marie 08/09/04 07:59 pm Tiger has set up a great site for all of us to head to in OUR spare is there( I hope he will continue to do so... ;-)) ) that I will have him post my Osprey pics for those of you who are interested. Thanks to our resident scientist and computer whizz kid, Tiger has posted some of my eaglet pictures ALREADY. So far he has done a wonderful job. Since I am so inept at computer programs I have to rely on the technical experts. Thank you Tiger ...hope this is OK with you?
Shelley 08/09/04 08:51 pm Marie or Tiger, could you post the link again so old lazy bones here doesn't have to wade through all these posts looking for it...?

Pretty please? And thank you...
Marie 08/09/04 09:13 pm Shhhhhhhhh ! will wake Tiger and I would hate to hear him roar, or is it only Lions that roar?
It is way past his bedtime so I guess I will give it to asked so nicely.
The address is...
cathy 08/10/04 12:17 am Wow - those are amazing photos. I see why you love those eaglets so much. I love the closeups of sitting in the nest, also the adult, and the flying - they are incredible. I couldn't find the osprey photos. Perhaps they are not posted yet. I did find some from other people of the ospreys in the soccer field though. It makes your posts more real now.
Marie 08/10/04 12:43 am Hi Cathy, Thanks.
I haven't had an answer from TIGER yet as to whether he will post the PICS... ;-) The next step is to send him some... I have to play it know how those Big Cats behave sometimes. Just one of my crazy JOKES Tiger, smile...Just picked up a few good prints late this afternoon. These are prints from slides. I am a traditionalist so I still work with slides. Don't have a Digital yet and the one I want is a Canon D 10 only almost 2,000 Canadian dollars! I pick up three rolls of slides tomorrow of the young flying and eating their fishes. Then a few of the good ones get changed to prints so I can post on Tiger's forum! I will send you one on e-mail.
Tiger 08/10/04 04:07 am Oh Marie thanks for the publicity. Yes of course I will post your pics.

Mind you it will soon be time for lessons in webspace. Then you can all get into posting pics.

Last September in another place I taught a group how to download a certain TV programme that had been pulled from American screens. They became such enthusiasts that their downloading skills are now well beyond mine! :)

Celeste 08/10/04 04:25 am Excellent photos Marie. I think we should refer to Tiger as our "professor"!
Shelley 08/10/04 07:06 am Well, I have to warn you. I may be a good teacher, but I am a lousy student, especially when it comes to computers.....(hangs my head in shame...)

I think I'll be satisfied viewing the talents of others, for now..... ;-)
Tiger 08/10/04 07:24 am Shelley I once had a teacher who hardly ever solved a problem for me. However after I had talked to him about problem, no matter how complicated, I could go away and solve it myslf.

I thought it was an ideal style of teaching and one I try hard to emulate!
Marie 08/10/04 10:20 am Hey. Tiger, can't you see me shaking in my chair right now... I get anxious thinking about learning something new except when it comes to BIRDS! But if you incist I will have to make an appointment with you...PROFESSOR.
Cecilia 08/10/04 10:57 am I'm having trouble with that it:


I get an error message whrnI try to load this something extra on here..or missing? Thanks!
Marie 08/10/04 11:18 am I believe that is the one Cecilia....just keep trying it.I have to head to work now. Good Luck.
Tiger 08/10/04 11:31 am Well there is a p missing! (not sure it affect things)

Cecilia 08/10/04 11:45 am were right...the mising p in http messed up the address. Thanks! And, Shelly...since Marie was responding to your question about Tiger's site...if you had trouble getting to it - just add the p after you drag the address (that Marie put above) to your browser window :-)
Shelley 08/10/04 12:18 pm Believe it or not, I figured that one out all by myself!! (maybe there's hope for me after all, hehe..) ;-)

Sometimes, I surprise myself!
Tiger 08/10/04 12:33 pm See it is working already.
Tiger 08/10/04 01:06 pm Shelley your big chance.

A great place for posting pics is:

And one I prepared earlier:

Thanks to Marie for the pics.

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Tom Throwe
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