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Thread subject: Learning To Fish
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/10/04 04:26 am I have been reading about how long it takes juvenile ospreys to begin fishing. Apparently they should start three weeks after fledging.

Thus all the juveniles here should be "casting a line by now".

Any evidence that they have been. Mind you I cannot imagine them coming anywhere near the camera if they caught a fish.

Celeste 08/10/04 06:58 am Yes, I did read that once the juveniles catch their own fish they do not return to the "cam"! Yet, I wonder if that is the case with Peace as we rarely see him in the nest. Is CZ catching her own fish, yet because she is never satisfied returns to the nest for more? And, Spirit, the first to fledge.....has he had any luck in the fishing dept? It seems to me that perhaps they do "catch" one here and there, but not enough to stay completely away from the nest. I still check the cam very early, and for the last few days, there are no signs of them, however, as late as yesterday they were still eating in the nest at least mid-day. So many questions.........
Shelley 08/10/04 07:02 am I've wondered about that, too. I mean, the very fact that fish are still being dropped off at the nest seems counterproductive to me. CZ still seems pretty dependent on (and expectant of) dinner being served.....

According to the highlight clips, Spirit fledged on July 5. If Tiger's notes hold true, 3 weeks after that was about 2 weeks ago. Now, it does seem that Spirit and Peace must be pretty much fending for themselves now since they don't seem to be hanging around the nest much. CZ didn't fledge until July 14th, so 3 weeks after that was last week. Still, a full week after she should be *out there*, doing her own fishing, she's still at the table, waiting impatiently, every day. And, at least as of yesterday, I saw one of the adults (I'm assuming Dennis) still dropping fish off for her. I sure hope she'll be ready for migration.....
Marie 08/10/04 10:31 am I believe Shelley they all are fishing by now(at least I hope so) What I imagine( I am good at that... ;-) is that Dennis and Betty are ensuring that their ALPHA chick gets a little extra to ENSURE she is very strong for the migration. Rather than all three being PUMPED -UP they chose one and concentrate on that one, knowing that they have given her the best possible chance for survival. After all CZ is their ALPHA chick and has all sorts of special privilages, even if we as humans don't know what they are. What do you think of that hypothisis?
Tiger 08/11/04 03:41 am I am sure you are right Marie. Although we will never know it will be lucky if any of these chicks survive long enough to breed and raise young ospreys themselves.

We have been looking out this year for the two young English ospreys hatched in 2001. Up to now there has been sadly no sighting of them.

One thing I note looking at those that make it back and that is that it is not necessarily the biggest and most aggressive chicks that succeed. Indeed it often seems to be the more reserved ones that do.

The good thing is that those who make it back tend to do so again and again.

Marie 08/11/04 06:10 pm Ah, are a good source of info...Does Scotland and Rutland have a character description of each chickas reference? That would be fascinating reading as well as study , for generally speaking, we humans love to apply the discipline of 'Anthropomorphism' on the various chicks. This word is a great word to impress all your friends.. ;-) The very word is impressive! It allows, and gives a name, for us humans to attribute human characteristics to animals, gods and things. Many bird watchers love to do this, me included. Therefore in review TIGER, perhaps our Peace and Spirit stand more of a chance of survival than our noisy , loud mouthed CZ. . We all hope they will ALL survive...but we know the odds. Still ever night I send them and my eaglets lots of love and positive thoughts so that they will have a long life.If we all do that there will be a lot of GOOD Energy out there. These young birds need to harness all that Positive energy so that they can fly and navigate well as their instinct to migrate becomes stronger.
Tiger 08/11/04 06:59 pm Yes when one looks at the ospreys that return one can look back and see what was wriiten about them when they were juveniles.

Well sort of. The record is much better after 1999 (the year the website was established) than before.

Yes some of the quieter later developing ospreys are the ones that make it back.

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