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Thread subject: Luc laRoche's new Orphan Osprey. No. 3
Name Date Message
Marie 08/10/04 10:40 am Did everyone see the last post of Luc's yesterday. He has a new Osprey brought in by Dept of Fisheries. My goodness that is some challenge he has. I wish him all the Best of Luck. Do keep us up to date Luc if you can spare the time from your parenting duties... ;-))
Marie 08/10/04 10:44 am Pardon me LUC, I mis-spelt your surname. It should have been Luc DeRoche. I am sorry.
Cecilia 08/10/04 11:49 am Luc, you must be one busy guy! Wish we were all closer and could come over and help :-) I imagine this has to be a record for recovered ospreys, at least I hope. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of them...and you too!
Luc DeRoche 08/10/04 07:54 pm Busy, busy, I'm so busy I don't have time for work!!! Seriously, every morning it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to cube fish (especially messy, smelly mackerel - but I found a trick, you must leave it thaw just a bit before cutting it up). Capture each bird individually (easy, they get used to it), wrap them up in a large towel (just like a baby), hold them in one arm while enticing them with fish in the other. All in all, it takes close to another hour to feed all three. And then I have to clean out the American Black Duck enclosure, tube feed the Belted Kingfisher and clean the white-throated Sparrow's cage. I keep my fingers crossed I won't get another call for a bird for a little while...

Then, I've got to clean the yard, take out the garbage, feed the fish (koi and comets), clean the house, prepare supper. Oh did I mention a working wife and a daughter working summers (university)?

It's surprising I still find the time to sit, sip coffee and smoke some cuban cigar. Vive les vacances (Hourrah for vacations)!
Shelley 08/10/04 08:51 pm WHEW!!! Luc, have you ever considered trying to recruit some help? Even if you didn't have the funds to officially hire someone, I'd bet there are people who are looking for interesting and productive ways to volunteer their time and I couldn't think of a more deserving and fascinating place than yours! There must be some volunteer organizations that might help to place someone with you, even if only temporarily.

Just a thought...
Celeste 08/10/04 09:31 pm You should be very proud!!!!! Yes, I agree with Shelley, there must be willing volunteers to help you. Hmm, clean the house......I just read that to my husband!!!!! Bon chance!
Cecilia 08/10/04 09:32 pm Shelley just expressed my thoughts there no one around who could help you? You must be exhausted! What a schedule!

Are you on vacation for the summer? That's the only way I could see how you could survive this onslaught.

It's killing all of us "down" here...what we wouldn't give to help!!! I've hand raised a few birds and it was always so sweet to watch them thrive...but I've never been under the kind of pressure you're under. I hope that your winters are quieter :-)

Do you think all three are going to make it?
Luc DeRoche 08/11/04 06:26 am All very good ideas on volunteerism. I'm not sure I want to get into it though. Here's why; in order to recruit people you must go public and I'm kind of a private guy. Also, since I don't have a regular flow of birds year round, interest would be difficult to maintain.

That doesn't mean I would refuse help, its just I'm not the "asking" type.

I take a four week vacation each summer and it usually coincides with the most busy time for rehabbing. While it is true my days are quite busy, I'm not complaining, I like it like that. I'm keep busy, the weather great, my garden's growing, life is great.

The big question is: will all three make it? I haven't the slighest clue as to what the answer to that question is. Since no follow up (tracking) can be made, there is no way of knowing if the birds survive after release. I would like to think that a good diet as well as a conditionning period would be enough to give them a fighting chance.

The only answer I have is that if I hadn't intervened, they would, in all probability, have perished.
Celeste 08/11/04 07:07 am will always know that without you these birds would not have a chance and that you did the very best you could for them. That in itself I hope is a good feeling for you. We appreciate the time you take to update us....Thank you!
Marie 08/11/04 09:45 am Great work Luc...we know those ospreys are having a great time and strengthening up each day. You give them the chance they would never have had. We thank you so very much.
Cecilia 08/11/04 11:32 am It's hard to think about what have happened to your orphans if you hadn't been there to save them. We, and they, are so lucky that there are people in the world, like you, who care enough to work for wildlife the way you do. I have to think that their instincts are very strong and that if they can just log some time flying around and watching the local osprey population that they have a chance to learn how to fish and fend for themselves. I add my thanks and appreciation to those above!

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