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Thread subject: Birds in the nest downstairs?
Name Date Message
Matt 04/15/04 07:32 pm At 7:18 pm, I saw two black birds. Though I did not get a good look, I did not see the red band on their wings. That is what red-winged blackbirds have. I started thinking about this. They are extremely territorial and I have seen them chase Ospreys while pecking at them as well as dive-bombing me when I go fishing. If indeed there are red-winged blackbirds in the nest below, it is odd that they tolerate the Ospreys being there.

To the people that saw the black birds at the nest tonight (4/15), was there a red band on their wings? I really am interested in knowing this.
Shelley 04/15/04 07:39 pm It was hard to tell but I think I did see a quick flash of red. I saw at least two birds and only saw what I thought was that flash of red one brief time. But I heard the call and I know the call of the red-winged blackbird very well. That said, I also heard what I think were starling calls, as well. It really is difficult to make the positive ID, isn't it? Could it be possible that both starlings AND red-wings are nesting in the downstairs apartments?
Matt 04/15/04 07:54 pm The red band is very noticeable. You can't miss it. It is not possible for them to nest with any other bird. For many years while fishing I have watched them. Any bird or any person that gets near them they drive them away.
Here is a picture of one.
Shelley 04/15/04 08:02 pm I only meant that it is sometimes difficult to make the positive ID because of the angle or direction from which they enter the lower nest. The wing isn't always visible, at least not when I've seen them. I see red-winged blackbirds very frequently at the ravine near my house where I sometimes go walking and I know that they are one of the easier birds to ID, generally speaking. But at this nest, because I've seen both the red-wings as well as solid black birds (which I'm assuming are the starlings), and because I hear both of those at close range, at times, I can't always know which is which.

I've been dive-bombed by barn swallows who nest regularly in the rafters of the underground parking lot of my local supermarket, but never by red-winged blackbirds! ;-)
Matt 04/15/04 08:10 pm I have seen red-winged blackbirds perch on the nest and then take off when the Ospreys are not there. Hopefully someone has seen what they were.
Kathy 04/15/04 08:14 pm I frequently see two red-wing blackbirds flying around my backyard and in the wooded area behind my house, luckily they have never attacked. I also see a cardinal that returns every year.
Matt 04/15/04 08:22 pm It doesn't happen all the time, just when we get near their territory. Never have been physically touched but they've flown low.

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